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Founded in 2001 by Jeff Manning, he has provided extensive pool service and repair expertise for Manning Pool Service. As Houston pool cleaning experts, Jeff’s proficiency in pool service combined with his wife Susan’s skill in landscape architectural design gives the couple over 50 years combined experience in the pool service industry. They are masters of everything pool!

Manning is your one-stop-shop for Houston pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. The Mannings’ true passion is to build an inspired and knowledgeable team of people who consistently offer outstanding customer service to the Houston area. Their understanding of the importance of putting people first makes Manning Pool Service the best Houston pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair company. The Manning team of experts make pool maintenance and ownership a safe, fun, and beautiful experience!

Meet the Manning Pool Service Team

Susan and Jeff ManningSusan Manning, Co-Founder

Sometimes running the company, sometimes doing the marketing, sometimes singing in Houston Show Choir, you just never know with Susan!

Jeff Manning, Co-Founder

Our founder and industry expert. Born into ranching, a real cowboy, being outdoors comes natural to him (thus, the swimming pool industry). You can sometimes find him rockin’ out at the Rockin’ M Ranch in the heart of deer country.


Ana holds a business degree from the University of Houston and runs the whole operation here at Manning. We’re so lucky to have her! She disappears sometimes to go concert hopping – Bonnaroo, Hang Out Fest, etc.

Alan, Head of Maintenance Department

We stole Alan from Home Depot. He came to us as a beginner in the pool business. He now runs the Maintenance Department. Alan is in charge of organizing routes, keeping tabs on chemicals, who’s in what truck, as well as supervising all the pool cleaners. In his spare time, he’s an Astros fanatic, and loves beer and chips & salsa – very much a Houstonian!


Michael came to us from the project management industry, and boy, can he get things organized. Or he goes fishing, and we reap the benefits with a company fish fry – hush puppies, beer, and all! When’s the next one, Michael?


We let her use a computer instead of having to count beans. Sandy is our financial face of the company. We’re always counting on her to keep the bills paid and the lights on. Sandy comes from the landscaping industry and hails from the East Coast. She’s the one to call for money matters. And, she adores anything chocolate!

Mike, Maintenance Supervisor

Mike came to us as a beginner in the pool business. You might have seen him cleaning a few pools. Within a year, he was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor. He keeps the cleaners in line and holds the record for falling into a pool most often. He watches Houston sports and eats steak and potatoes in his spare time. Hey, another Houstonian!


Robert is a natural in this business. He started as a pool cleaner and has moved into leading our training program. Robert likes watching sports and playing games with his sons. We’ve even seen him bowl a frame or two. His favorite foods are pizza and cheeseburgers; what else would a Houstonian father of two like!


Fondly known as “Computer,” Anthony’s brilliance is IT and all that technology stuff. He is also the lead CSR, answering the phones, so he’s the “voice “of the company. Anthony is easy to please; just buy him a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese. The youngest of our office staff, of course he likes playing video games, listening to music, and hangin’ with friends. Go, millennials!


Another voice on the phone! Norman has been with us for 2 years. He started as a maintenance technician at our largest commercial site. We are now lucky to have him as part of the office staff, helping customers on the phone. He is very skilled in technical knowledge. He loves spaghetti and meatballs and playing pocket billiards. Hmm, his two favorite things can roll around a table!


Relatively new with MPS, he caught right on and is one of the voices on the phone! He is people-oriented. He is a Houston Strong fan and supports all Houston teams. Talk about team – he fit right into ours, and his enthusiasm shows. Oh, and Tex-Mex is his favorite. He sneaks out for fajitas sometimes and loves staying active outdoors and around water.

Noah, Team Leader

Noah is a Team Leader in our Maintenance Department. He joined MPS in 2013.  We call him Chef Noah, and rightfully so. His famous foods are spinach-infused dough ravioli and homemade short ribs. More importantly, he’s a great dad and loves to spend quality time with his daughter. His real favorite pastime is Mana Drain and Black Lotus. Noah is an expert on Magic the Gathering. Infuse the dough with licorice and you have Black Lotus Ravioli?

Ty, Maintenance Technician

Ty has been here for less than a year, but he’s already a great Maintenance Technician. Another Millennial…loves his BMX bike. Chicken Fried Steak could cause him to go off course, though. Ty loves music and plays his own. We need to have a talent show!


A Marine and a fireman, Jeffrey likes action. He’s got a bunch of tattoos, each with its own story. Jeffrey is lead for our new southwest location. He loves to BBQ and does a super job. Oh, yeah, and he has a culinary degree as well. His two daughters keep him busy, but he manages to watch all Houston sports. Semper Fi.

Abel, Senior Maintenance Technician

Abel is a Senior Maintenance Technician. He loves to sleep in on the weekend – and he definitely works hard enough to deserve it! Abel’s favorite food is pupusas (I had to Google that one), which are a Salvadorian dish… yum. Abel, do you cook them? We need some samples over here. Abel is also a football fan, so weekends aren’t all about relaxing.


Marty can repair anything and give you the scoop on how things work. He needs to be featured on The Science Channel! He’s been with MPS for two years, but it feels like more because he’s a pool expert who can teach us all a thing or two. His family comes first! He loves to be outdoors, and fishing is a favorite hobby. If he falls off the GPS, he must be casting a hook!


John is a fisherman. He’s been with MPS for three years and is repairman par excellence. He’s a fisherman as well. John really knows equipment; he’s an expert. And did I mention he likes to fish? Last year we had a company fish fry. Who caught some of those trout and redfish? John. Well, we enjoyed eating them. Oh, and John’s a fisherman.

David, Territory Manager

David loves swimming! He’s even been known to jump in 30-degree water and love it! David is a territory manager, currently in charge of our Webster/”Down South” location. David started with MPS right after graduating from high school 11 years ago. Has been playing Magic the Gathering for 16 years. He’s a big fan of BBQ and sushi. That’s what happens when you grow up in Houston.

Josh, Maintenance Technician

His favorite food is mac ‘n’ cheese – a guy after my own heart! Josh is a Maintenance Technician with MPS and caught on very quickly. In his spare time he is a skateboarder. He is an important member of our team.

Jose, Team Leader

Jose loves to play soccer, then go play pool, then go fishing, then eat food (all kinds of food). Jose started as a a Maintenance Technician and is now a Team Leader, so he works very hard!

Sam, Maintenance Technician

Sam likes to work out. As if he doesn’t get enough upper body strength from cleaning pools! Sam is a new but great Maintenance Technician with MPS. He loves playing Magic the Gathering while eating egg rolls and cream cheese poppers. Welcome aboard, Sam. You’re one of us!


Harry came to us in April of this year. Wow, if you can clean pools through the hot summer months, you love the outdoors. Harry likes rugby and hunting, so he’s an outdoor person. French fries with ranch dressing are his favorite snack. Yum! In his free time, he likes to sleep – and he’s earned it!


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