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Swimming Pool blog for pool owners. Read out! our latest blog on swimming pool and repairs, Pool care, chemistry, equipment repair, and replacement, along with healthy living and fun pool lifestyle topics!

10 Easy Steps for Cleaning Pool Flooding and Pool Equipment Repair

Cleaning Pool Flooding and Pool Equipment Repair

Do you need assistance with pool equipment repair or cleaning out a pool that’s flooded due to rain? A flooded pool requires careful attention, including specific steps to guarantee sanitation, as runoff can contaminate the water with hazardous materials, creating a dangerous situation until the system has been completely drained and cleaned. If you need to clear out a pool that’s seen better days, follow these 10 steps. Take Care of Electric Components Modern pools have several electric components which may Read More

MPS Swimming Pool Cleaning DOs and DON’Ts

swimming pool cleaning houston tx

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean Manning Pool Service (MPS) prides itself on the quality of our swimming pool cleaning services. We love keeping our customers happy and their pools clean. Our expert staff of Certified Pool Operators understand how important it is to keep your water and surfaces clean. Proper swimming pool cleaning ensures & pool safety, protects your health and makes your equipment last longer. Collaboration To keep pools clean, it’s vital for companies like ours to cooperate with homeowners. Read More

What’s Cool in Swimming Pool Automation

swimming pool automation

From tracking your pH balance to sanitizing to filtration, you can now use swimming pool automation to complete a variety of tasks from wherever you happen to be — in no time at all. In Houston, you know just how important it is that you take the time to perform the upkeep on your pool. We’ll take you through the two major brands: Jandy and Pentair and what you can expect from each. The variety of options in swimming pool automation can Read More

Pool Cleaning Services For Dummies

winterize your swimming pool

If you’re a new pool owner, you’re probably wishing there was a pool cleaning service for dummies guide. What is the dirty work and how long does it take? Do you really want to do it all yourself, or is it worth paying a company to clean your pool and filters, and balance your chemicals on a weekly basis? When it comes to a swimming pool cleaning company, what can you expect? What types of services do they offer? Here’s your go-to Read More

Pool Cleaning in Houston: is it Necessary?

Pool cleaning in Houston

Pool Cleaning in Houston An outdoor or indoor pool can be the perfect addition to a business or personal home. It can provide a wet sanctuary for visitors, or it can be a place of communion for family members and friends during the summer. A pool can also be something that a business owner uses to bring income into the establishment. Hotel and motel owners often provide pools for their customers. Apartment complex owners and property investors often have pools Read More

Yelp us out, Please!!!

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Manning Pool Service would love to have your positive review on Yelp. https://www.yelp.com If you have any issues with your Pool Service please call us and we will be delighted to address it. Please call us at (713) 812-9098

Foul Weather Friends

Houston pool maintenance

One of our valued customer’s pool was FLOODED completely twice due to rain, once back in May (the big flood) and then again over the weekend. Here are some friendly critters that came out of the pool. The house is along Buffalo Bayou. Our foul weather friends have been returned to their natural habitat! Send us pictures of your pool visitor critters (wanted or unwanted) and we will share them. Your trusted friends at Manning Pool Service.