Pool Inspection: Do You Need It

You’ve just found the perfect house. It has everything you’ve ever wanted; hardwood floors, room to expand your family, a nice deck, and a large pool to match. This house isn’t even yours yet and it already feels like home. As you and your spouse talk about the next steps, you wonder, “Is a pool inspection really necessary?”

A pool inspection can save you from unfortunate surprises – like costly repairs you didn’t know you needed. Read on to learn why a pool inspection is necessary and how it can help you in your home buying process.

Are You Buying a Home With a Pool?

Even though the pool at your potential home looks fine to you, it could need repairs you can’t see.

pool inspection, Houston pool inspectionA Pool Inspection Is Just as Necessary as a Home Inspection

House hunting is an exciting thing. You get to see all types of houses, talk about options, and picture what it would be like to call a certain house home. When you finally find that one home that fits your family and budget, you might be tempted to skip the pool inspection.

If there was something wrong with the pool, you’d see it right away, right? Not always.

There are a lot of parts that help keep a pool running, some underground. Even though the pool at your potential home looks fine to you, there could be minor or major fixes that need to happen before you move in and take that first blissful swim.

The only way to see what those fixes are is to get a pool inspection. If you wouldn’t buy a home without a home inspection, why buy a pool without a pool inspection?

Get Your Pool Inspected Today!

A reputable pool inspection company will take pictures of needed repairs so you can argue for a better house price.

A Pool Inspection Can Save You Moneypool inspection, Houston pool inspection

Imagine this for a moment. You’ve been house hunting for a quite a while. There have been a lot of good contenders, but none of them had a pool. And now, after all these months, you’ve found a home that has the space you need and the pool you want. Your kids are going to flip once they see the fun they can have this summer. There is just one problem: the list price.

Believe it or not, a pool inspection can help with that.

When a reputable pool service company, like Manning Pool Service, does a pool inspection, not only do they check to ensure that every part of the pool works, they’ll take pictures for proof. That way, if they happen to find problems that need fixing, you can take the picture proof to the seller to get you a better price.

This is not the only way a pool inspection company will help. A reputable pool inspection company is there for the home buyer, not the seller. Just like they took pictures of needed repairs to help you get a better house price they’ll also let you know if the pool’s repairs are too much for your budget. They don’t want you taking on a mortgage AND the added expense of expensive pool fixes. If they think the repairs are too costly, they’ll tell you.

This gives you time to decide if the home you’re looking at is really the home for you.

Save Money Your House Price with a Pool Inspection

A typical pool inspection involves checking pool parts for needed repairs.

pool inspection, Houston pool inspectionWhat Happens During a Pool Inspection

By now you might be wondering, “What goes into a pool inspection anyway?”

A typical pool inspection involves:

  • Checking pool equipment pad for needed repairs or replacement.
  • Pool size
  •  Pool depth
  •  Type of pool materials used in construction, such as poured cement, fiberglass, or vinyl
  • Age and manufacturer

A pool service company can also do a more detailed check and inspect the heaters, pumps, filters, pool automation, and even the pool deck to ensure everything is in good shape.

Wondering about leaks? No one wants to buy a pool only to find out it has a leak when peak pool season starts. If you think there may be a leak, you can ask for a pressure test.

Just like a pressure test can spot leaking fluids from a car, a pressure test for a pool can also spot leaks in your potential pool.

Get a Pool Inspection for Your Potential Pool from Manning Pool ServiceManning Pool Service

Whether you are buying, selling, managing or operating a residential backyard pool, a pool inspection from Manning Pool Service can provide quick and easy inspection services for you. From inspections to valuation, quotes, repairsmaintenance, and upgrades, MPS is your all-in-one resource.

Best of all, you can trust Manning in your backyard. Our team members arrive on time, in uniform in our branded trucks, and offer exceptional customer service throughout your visit and beyond. Need an inspection of your potential new pool? Call us now at [phone number=”713-322-8304″] or click below to get your pool ready for summer.

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