The benefits of weekly pool maintenance are many. Staying on top of this task will give you a beautiful, soothing environment that’s safe, healthy, and built to last. The only way to get the performance you deserve from your swimming pool is to give it frequent, attentive care. Explore some of the perks you can enjoy by keeping up with your pool’s maintenance needs.

Clean Pools Create Outstanding Ambiance

Regular pool cleaning is essential to creating the sparkling environment that you want. If you neglect your pool, you may have bugs, leaves, and other debris floating in the water, which create a distinctly unpleasant swimming experience. An unattended pool leads to water that will turn more green than blue, evoking swampy associations that no one wants to connect with a pool. Slippery grime can quickly accumulate on the walls and bottom of the pool, creating a cringe-worthy experience for those who take a dip.

Untended pool water can also develop an unpleasant odor. This odor is often the result of overused pool chemicals or misused bleach. Although you might expect these cleaning products to improve the smell of your pool, they can cause a sour, fishy aroma. Clogged pool filters may lead to an unpleasant smell as well. Working with a professional pool cleaning company will help you get the proper balance for a fresh and clean pool with no lingering odor.

Staying on top of pool maintenance and keeping a pool clean is essential to creating a relaxing and welcoming space. Your crystal-clear pool should sparkle in the sunlight, inviting visitors to take a dip. The pool should also be fresh and clean without any noticeable smells so you can retreat to your pool deck for welcome stress relief and relaxation.

Proprly Maintaining Your Pool Keeps a Safe and Healthy Environment

Proper pool maintenance is essential to keep your environment safe and healthy. Swimmers can contract several illnesses from coming into contact with contaminated pool water. The most common symptoms associated with these illnesses are skin rashes, eye or ear pain, cough, congestion, and diarrhea. Individuals don’t need to immerse themselves in the water to become ill. They can get sick simply from breathing in chemicals that have evaporated from the pool water into the air.

Staying on top of pool cleaning updates is one of the best ways to keep your water healthy. Disinfecting the water with bromine and chlorine is the first defense against swimming-related illnesses. However, you must take proper care when you’re using these chemicals, or you could put yourself at risk for chemical-related injuries.

Between 2009 and 2017, an estimated 4,535 ER visits resulted from pool chemical injuries in the United States. More than half of these occurred at home. The most common cause of poisoning was breathing in chemical vapors, gasses, and fumes when opening chlorine containers. You can eliminate the risk to your family by hiring experienced pros to handle your chemical application.

Extend the Life of Your Pool and Equipment

Keeping your pool clean extends the life of the pool and all its associated equipment. Pool water can become very corrosive with proper pool maintenance. People, pets, foliage, insects, and wildlife can introduce germs and bacteria to the pool water. Since it’s impossible to eliminate these contaminants, you must address them.

Maintaining your pool chemicals will help extend the lifespan of your filters, chemical feeders, pumps, heaters, and vacuums. Properly winterizing the pool at the end of the season will help protect your pool liner, tiles, decking, coping, and other surfaces. The appropriate measures can prevent off-season algae growth and keep debris out of the pool so that it doesn’t sustain unnecessary damage, wear, or tear when not used.

Trust Your Weekly Pool Maintenance to Manning Pools 

Hiring a professional for your regular pool maintenance adds an expert touch to all these activities. An experienced pool service provider can spot problems with your pool equipment or pool water before they’ve had time to become unmanageable. This inspection makes it possible to prioritize repairs over replacements and keep your pool in service for many years.

Want to enjoy all the benefits of weekly pool maintenance? Hire the right professionals, and you can sit back and enjoy the perks without any work. Contact our team at Manning Pool Service to learn how to keep your pool chemicals balanced and your pool equipment clean so that you can get the best experience possible from your pool.

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