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Pool Service in Bellaire, TX

Pool service in Bellaire, TX, allows your pool to look and function as it should. If you want one of the best in the business performing your pool services, you want Manning Pool Service. You can reach us by calling (713) 812-9098, or we are located at 2121 Judiway St, Houston, TX 77018. We are a family-owned business that has been offering pool services to locals for over 30 years. When you call us here at Manning, we know what we are doing.

Bellaire, TX, may be a relatively small town with just under 20,000 people, but it has some of the nicest people we have ever worked with. We love coming to homes in the area and getting to know our customers. The houses are lovely, but those pools are fantastic! They make our job fun because we get to see some of the most unique pool designs in Texas!

On top of Bellaire, we also provide pool services to Houston, Sugar Land, and Baytown, among other communities. If you need any pool service in Bellaire, TX, or one of the surrounding communities, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

On top of general pool services, we also provide our customers with additional services, including:

Find out what our Bellaire, TX clients have to say about our pool service

Over 30 Years Experience

A Family Owned & Operated Pool Company

Our experience with Manning Pool service was wonderful, Jose was knowledgeable and very helpful. I look forward to working with him on renovating my pool so it’s a better fit for my growing family. He simplified the terms and steps to help me better understand the process it would take to get my pool in better condition. Very pleased with the experience so far.

L. Stankiewicz

We have loved working with Manning Pools! Ever since we started working with them two years ago, the pool is always sparkling and beautiful and ready for a pool party. Zach, our pool tech, is super friendly and reliable. We love working with him and the whole Manning Team!

C. Hao Fu

Services that we offer in the Bellaire, TX

Caring for and maintaining a pool is essential if you want it to last. Beyond pool service in Bellaire, TX, we also provide other services to help you keep your pool functioning as it should. If you need help with any of these services, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Pool Maintenance in Bellaire

RegularPool Maintenance in Bellaire, TX, is essential to having a safe pool that lasts as long as possible. It would be best if you took the time to maintain it often several times per week to keep the pH levels safe for regular use.

Pool Equipment Repair 

When you need Pool Equipment Repair, you need a company that knows how to do the job right. Thankfully, Manning Pool Service has over 30 years of experience with nearly any type of pool product on the market. We can help!

Pool Renovation and Repair in Bellaire, TX

Trust Manning Pool Service when you need Pool Renovation and Repair in Bellaire, TX. Our professionals can help renovate your pool, repair any problems it may have, and give you back the freedom to relax and play in your pool without worry any time you want.

Swimming Pool Automation

Manning Pool Service can help withPool Automation in Bellaire, TX or any other nearby community. Making sure that your pool is automatically cleaning itself can save you both time and headaches. Plus, with the water staying cleaner, it can save you money on chemicals, too!


Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Maintenance in Bellaire, TX

Here at Manning Pool Service, we get a lot of the same types of questions from our customers. So, we decided to compile a list of a few FAQs on pool service in Bellaire, TX. Hopefully, these responses answer some of your questions. If not, then give us a call!


What do I get with pool services in Bellaire?

On top of us looking at your pool, we can help with regular cleaning and maintenance, opening or closing your pool, recommending different pool products, and more. Just call us and let us know what you need!

How often do I need pool services in Texas?

The answer to that depends on many factors. How often do you use your pool? How big is your pool? Do you perform regular pool maintenance? Each of these answers (plus a few more) determines how often you need regular servicing of your pool. In general, we recommend having someone come out at least weekly to keep your Bellaire, TX pool ready to go!


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