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New Pool School

What You’ll Learn:

We teach our Pool School students everything there is to know about their pool. Our focus areas are operation, maintenance, chemical balancing, and proper equipment use. Pool fundamentals are essential to the health and longevity of your pool. We even cover setting equipment schedules with your Automation panel or Smart Phone app!

Pool Schools are usually scheduled for the “first ticket” of the day. We aim to beat the heat and not interrupt your normal daily routine. Pool School is by the hour with a minimum of one hour and a maximum of four hours.

We encourage the entire family to be present for class in order to take full advantage of our Pool School!

New Pool Plaster? Consider a Start-Up Program!

If you have recently poured a new pool in the ground and you are almost done with your fresh plaster, it’s time to start thinking about the “Start-Up Phase” of your pool.

From different chemical balances to strict brushing regimens, every type of plaster requires its own specific care and maintenance program which can last from one to three weeks.

If a pool start-up is in your near future, please review the information regarding our procedures and consider Manning Pool Service to complete this phase of your project. You only have one opportunity to get your pool plaster perfect. You can TRUST US in your backyard.

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Checklist and ‘Nice to Haves’

Luckily taking care of a pool isn’t as complicated or as difficult as rocket science. We teach you basic things to make sure your pool is safe enough to use. These tasks are as simple as checking water levels and noticing equipment problems.

Prepping Equipment to Run Again or for First-Time Use:
Equipment prep can include programming, labeling, scheduling, pulling plugs and priming lines, cleaning filters, installing cleaners repair, and more. Setting and labelling equipment can cut down future identification time.

Proper Chemical Balancing:
The chemistry of your new pool water needs to be balanced according to the particular type of plaster that is present. It is of utmost importance in curing your new plaster properly. For many plaster types, this includes a different chemical balance than you would normally operate your pool with, as well as an accurate timeline of varying chemical profiles as the plaster cures over the first few weeks. Along with brushing, proper chemistry is the most important aspect of pool start-up. Chemistry balance ensures that your plaster cures properly and evenly. An improper start-up can lead to permanent color mottling and unevenness. It can even result in rough plaster which isn’t pleasant to walk on. It can also cause algae problems in the future.

All new plasters require daily brushing of the entire plaster surface. This is a strenuous and time-consuming task which often calls for an experienced hand. They help to eliminate the possibility of rough spots or staining on the plaster, especially in corners and on steps. Improper technique or a lack of force can lead to streaking or rough spots.

Knowing What to Do and When to Do it
Some types of plaster are highly resilient to environmental change. You can install a cleaner or vacuum in the first week, swim after five days, and use the heater after a week. Other plasters require 3-4 weeks before you can swim, install a cleaner or a vacuum used on the plaster, or use the heater.

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Why Join a Pool Start-Up Program?

As mentioned above, your pool plaster only has one opportunity to settle into its new location and take to its new water conditions. Often, pool builders will complete starts ups as part of the cost of the build. If this is not the case, consider a pool maintenance professional to complete your start up phase and protect your investment.

Manning Pool Service has trained technicians experienced with all types of plaster finishes and start-up procedures. They have service and repair divisions nearly 20 years of expertise in the industry. Manning Pool Service is ready to take care of your pool, so you don’t have to, from start-up to sundown!

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