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Houston Pool SchoolLearn How to Take Care of Your New Pool at New Pool School

If you’ve recently become a new pool owner, you might want to know about a pool start-up program. At Manning Pool Service, we offer a pool school to help provide you with the information you need for your pool.

Owning a pool isn’t as simple as it seems. There are, of course, responsibilities and tasks you need to know. That’s why we’re here to help.

What You’ll Learn:

Our pool school aims to educate the homeowner on basic self-sufficiency in operating their new pool. These ongoing maintenance skills are critical to the owner to ensure the longevity of your pool equipment repair and plaster.  We will review everything from the various elements in the pool, the equipment pad and how things work, to programming and operate any automation system you may have.

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New Pool School: Our Pool Start-Up Program

Whether your new pool is just having complications or you’re simply having the old one resurfaced, all new plasters will require a lot of attention in the first few weeks.

From different chemical balances to strict brushing regimens, every different type of plaster requires its own specific care and maintenance program which can last from one to three weeks.

In the business, this process is called the pool start-up. Some of the things mentioned below need to be taken care of during start-up:

What You Need to Know

Luckily taking care of a pool isn’t as complicated or as difficult as rocket science. We teach you basic things to make sure your pool is safe enough to use. These tasks are as simple as checking water levels and noticing equipment problems.

  • Prepping Equipment to Run Again or for First-Time Use: Equipment prep can include programming, labeling, scheduling, pulling plugs and priming lines, cleaning filters, installing cleaners repair, and more.
  • Proper Chemical Balancing: The chemistry of your new pool water needs to be balanced according to the particular type of plaster that you have. It is of utmost importance in curing your new plaster properly. For many plaster types, this includes a different chemical balance than you would normally operate your pool with, as well as an accurate timeline of varying chemical profiles as the plaster cures over the first few weeks. Along with brushing, proper chemistry is the most important aspect of pool start-up. Chemistry balance ensures that your plaster cures properly and evenly.  An improper start-up can lead to permanent color mottling and unevenness. It can even result in rough plaster which isn’t pleasant to walk on. It can also cause algae problems in the future.
  • Brushing – All new plasters require daily brushing of the entire plaster surface. This is a strenuous and time-consuming task which often calls for an experienced hand. They help to eliminate the possibility of rough spots or staining on the plaster, especially in corners and on steps.  Improper technique or a lack of force can lead to streaking or rough spots.
  • Knowing What to Do and When to Do it – Some plasters are very resilient right out of the gate: you can install a cleaner or vacuum in the first week, swim after five days, and use the heater after a week. Some plasters require 3-4 weeks before you can swim, install a cleaner or a vacuum used on the plaster, or use the heater. Manning Pools knows what to do and when to do it for all the plasters available on the market today.

Pool School HoustonWhy Join a Pool Start-Up Program?

Really, it’s just to make sure that the water is safe enough for you to use and to identify problems before hand.

We cover areas like checking the pH level of your pool water and discuss maintenance for your pool. We also talk about flushing your pool filter and when to run your pool pump.

Your builder may take responsibility for these procedures, but more than likely the homeowner will be responsible for carrying out some of these maintenance steps yourself.

Manning Pool Service has trained technicians experienced with all types of plaster finishes and start-up procedures. They have service and repair divisions with over 35 years combined expertise in the industry. The Manning Pool Service team is ready to take care of your pool, so you don’t have to, from start-up to finish!

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If you’re a new pool owner and looking to learn the ins and outs of taking care of your pool, then join us at our pool start-up program! Call us today at (713) 812-9098 or fill out our form online. Learn what you need to be a great pool owner today!

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