Pool Equipment Repair in Houston

Manning Pool Service, based in the heart of Houston has the pool repair expertise you need. All technicians are certified on all major equipment brands. We repair severe damage to equipment or slight wear and tear. If you need pool equipment upgrades or pool automation, look no further than MPS.

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Pool Leak Detection Houston

Suspect your pool is leaking? Do you have visible cracks, wet patches of ground, or unusually high water bills? MPS proudly offers our leak detection services to Houston residentents. Check the equipment – Check the pool.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

Automatic pool cleaners save you time when it comes to keeping your pool sanitary between weekly cleanings. These devices also save you money by preventing bacteria growth, removing debris, and protecting your equipment from damage. This cleaning process helps avoid the need for repairs.

Robotic Pool Maintenance

Overhaul your weekly pool maintenance with robotic pool cleaning. We’ll provide a consultation, installation, and registration for the best robotics in the industry today. Let’s get you started.

Pool Renovations Houston

Pool plaster seen better days? Is your white plaster aging or pitting after 7 – 10 years of use? Manning Pool Service has partnered with Pebble Tec® applicators to bring you the most beautiful and longest lasting pool surface around. Prolong your investment and make maintenance a breeze with your selected style of Pebble and pigment.  

Upgrade & Save

Ready to upgrade old and under-performing or obsolete equipment that causes a drain on your electrical bills? One short visit with our technicians will provide a quote for upgrades such as Pool Automation, Smart Device Control, Variable Speed Pumps, Calcium Build Up Prevention Systems, LED lighting, and much much more. 

Preventing Damage With Pool Heaters

Houstonians enjoy swimming comfortably all year with a functioning pool heater. Prevent costly damage and repair with proper swimming pool maintenance. If your heater needs immediate attention – contact our experts today. 

Pool Remodeling Houston

Frozen water left in pool heaters will expand causing damage at a time when you may need your swimming pool heater the most. Please take precausions to winterize equipment ahead of time before major stoms and learn more on our blog. For help with damaged systems, use our contact page for assistance. 

Equipment Leak Detection

Leaking valves, cracked pipes, and wet equipment pads can spell leaks for even the toughest pool equipment. Our technicians take time to identify the root cause of the issue and provide a plan of action to correct it. Is your equipment still under warranty? Visit our Equipment Warranty Claims page for information and check if your covered!

Filteration & Pool Water

Proper filtration is critical to a healthy pool. Manning Pool Service recomends a proper filter clean schedule to maintain a healthy and safe swim. Cartridge filters should be cleaned 3 – 4 times per year and DE (Diamtomacous Earth) twice a year. 

Filter Clean Maintenance Program

‘Manning Pool Service Weekly Maintenance’ customers are immediatley placed on a filter clean monitoring schedule. When your filter is due for a cleaning, our friendly client service team will notify you and schedule your appointment per your approval. Never miss a filter clean and swim healthy! 

Detecting Pool Pump Leaks

Houstonians looking for equipment leaks with a keen eye may notice wet patches of concrete surrounding problematic pieces of equipment on a dry day. This indicates water loss that may be affecting your system and the life of your equipment. 

Swimming Pool Pump Repair Motor Trouble Signs

Pool Equipment Repair Houston

Manning Pool Service pool maintenance technicians will dutifly service and maintain any and all pool equipment. We are certified technicians and local pool professionals with a passion for helping Houstonians with their most difficult swimming pool repairs. 

We are the experts who can maintain, balance, repair, install, and warranty your pool equipment. You can TRUST US in your backyard. We are reliable, courteous, and knowledgable. We are one call away. Contact us today.