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Pool Automation & VS Pumps

The future comes at you fast. Manning is ready to take you there with one-touch automation and variable speed pool pumps – save money while you relax. Recently featured on KPRC Channel 2, Houston Life! Our team is currently offering the deepest discounts on pool automation systems and variable speed pumps.

Call now and receive over $500 off a New Automation system or over $350 off a new Variable Speed Pump! Over $850 off in combined savings!

Houstonians with Pentair Energy Star certified pumps can also see up to 90% in energy cost savings in the first year!


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“We are pleased with Manning Pools – our technician Mike does a terrific job. Not only has he customized our service to meet our schedule, Mike has gone above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. Once Mike moved a package from our front door to back door (inside the fence) because he thought we might not be at home and wanted to be sure the package was safe. I appreciate Mike’s care for our pool and looking out for us, and I appreciate Manning’s effective and efficient service, both in terms of warranty fulfillment and pool maintenance.” – Robin P


Why should a pool owner be interested in upgrading to automation?

  • Peace of Mind: Know exactly what your equipment is doing and when.
  • Stay Connected: Control your system from the ease of your phone or outdoor remote.
  • Stay Ahead: Be alerted on your phone if something goes wrong.
  • User-Friendly: Push-buttons with intuitive design and displays for simple yet clear operation.

No need to memorize operating sequences, open and close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats. Access your backyard from your Smart Device!

Call Now and Receive $500 off your new Pool Automation System

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Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

Designed with Safety in mind and to put Savings in your hand

IntelliFlo 3.0 HP is the standard-bearer in quality pool pumps. New industry regulations will require owners of single-speed pumps to switch to variable-speed models. The IntelliFlo is 4x quieter than competing models and comes with Vacuum Alert. Prevent entrapment of hair and limbs.

Variable speed pumps save money! The IntelliFlo is designed to run longer and quieter for less.

Call Now and Receive $350 off your new Variable Speed Pump

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“All of the employees at MPS are superstars. I am a community manager and this company takes care of the pool for the community. Every time there is an issue they are all over it. They are professional, prompt and helpful. Jeffery, Alan and Ian S. have been the best team of men to get things done for my community. Thank you Guys” – Amanda S.


Save Money – Lower Energy Costs Tremendously.

While running your system 24hrs a day can be great for your circulation,
it is egregious for your energy costs and not necessary.

Turnover rate is the essential factor when maintaining pool water at
clean, clear, and swimmable conditions.

Pool automation lets you set WHEN and HOW LONG your system will run. This allows pool owners and service teams the convenience to schedule specific run times for their system, reducing operating costs while increasing equipment efficiency.

Full Control

Pool lighting, Exterior Lighting, Pumps, Heaters, Chillers, Waterfalls, and more. With 8 Feature Circuits to customize! Act today and receive over $500 off the cost of your new Pentair Automation System professionally installed by Manning Pool Service.

You can TRUST US in your backyard!


Why Customers TRUST US for Installations?

Pool Automation | Manning Pool Service Houston

Manning Pool Service is a trusted name in Houston. We are proud second-generation owners and have been providing pool maintenance and repair for twenty years. Family-owned means we stand by our work and you can TRUST US in your backyard. Call today and let us be your Houston pool experts. (713) 812-9098


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We recommend Pentair automation systems. Your preferences may differ from others; However, Pentair’s EasyTouch® brand of pool automation is great for most homeowners because of their simple design and affordable price range – more affordable now with our Pentair Automation Special!

Absolutely! All that is required to control your pool from your phone is the latest generation of automated pool/spa control systems and a good Wi-Fi connection. You may also need to download the most recent version of the corresponding app for whichever automation system you go with.

A smart pool is any pool that takes advantage of current pool automation technologies and can be controlled from a smart device like your phone.

With a pool/spa control system you can set when your pump should come on, when the lights should turn on, when the heater should start heating the pool, and more! You can set schedules from the outdoor control panel, wireless handheld remote, or from the convenience of your smartphone with the right accessories.

Making the right choice in pool automation saves time and money. Customers love the ability to change schedules, turn on their pool lights, or get the spa bubbling all from the comfort of their living room sofa. An automated system eliminates trips outside to the pool equipment, memorizing the operating sequences, and adjusting your mechanical time clock.

Most salesmen would say yes, but we value education and equipping buyers with the knowledge to make a decision that’s right for them. The right choice in pool automation depends on what features you want to include with your backyard oasis. Do you want lights? Do you want to heat your pool when it’s cold? Do you want to include a water feature? Two water features? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then an automated system is the best option for you.

A pool automation system is a control panel within a metal enclosure, usually found outside next to your pool equipment. Most homeowners prefer these systems because they allow the user to control multiple auxiliaries and set schedules for each independently from another.

Typically, your pool equipment will be connected directly to a power source. Without a pool timer or an automated system, your equipment would run 24/7/365. With a pool timer, the power between your system and the source is disconnected and reconnected for the times you’ve set your equipment to run. A pool timer, most frequently called a time clock mechanism, is an intermediary between your equipment set and that power source. Time clock mechanisms are mechanical in nature and most models look like an extension cord connected to a large box with an internal, mechanical clock.