With summer days that often reach the mid to high 90s, pool remodeling Houston projects are a popular way to find relief from the heat in your backyard. Whether you want a pool for taking laps in, lounging on a floatie, or splashing around with kids, there are many reasons you may be interested in adding a swimming pool to your yard. Here are five benefits that a new swimming pool remodeling can bring.

1. Swimming Pool Remodeling Projects Add Property Value to Your Houston Home

Pool with light fountainWhile you may have heard that the cost of building a pool can sometimes balance or even outweigh the value it brings to your home, this figure varies based on location. Houston is one of the top cities in the U.S. for added property value with a backyard swimming pool. Some numbers show adding an inground pool can boost the selling price of a median-priced house by around $36,000. This compares with the average cost of installing a pool in Houston, ranging from about $5,000 to $15,000.

Of course, the size and design of your backyard pool matter when figuring these numbers into a swimming pool remodeling or addition. There are several features you should consider adding to make the pool even more attractive to potential buyers:

  • Unique, updated tiles on the interior and around the exterior ledge
  • Slip-resistant plaster free of knicks or signs of wear and tear
  • Mosaic decorations in or around the pool
  • Picturesque water features, such as fountains or waterfalls
  • Fun additions like slides, volleyball nets, or diving boards
  • A well-functioning purification system and pump
  • Heating elements to keep water temperatures comfortable
  • Pretty lighting that allows for safe, scenic night swims
  • A nice deck or patio area close to the pool is ideal for lounging

While everyone has different tastes in their dream swimming pool, another popular idea is to create a natural swimming pool that isn’t filtered using traditional chemicals and instead features organic stone and plant life. Including an inground hot tub or enclosing the pool using a screen or windowed exterior to keep out bugs and unpleasant weather conditions can add more cost to the installation but are highly desired features that will boost the value of your property even more.

2. Pool Renovations in Houston Make Exercise Fun

Swimming is a great physical activity for people of all ages and body types. Long pool sessions can work your cardiovascular system, increase endurance, build muscle, and improve flexibility. Unlike lifting heavy weights or running on the treadmill, swimming has very little impact on the body. It is suitable for people recovering from an injury or living with certain health conditions that make regular exercise difficult.

3. Schedule Your Swimming Pool Remodeling Houston Project and Bring People Together

With a nice pool and convenient area for people to tan and splash around, your backyard is likely to become the new summer hangout spot for birthdays, holidays, and weekend BBQs. You’ll never need to worry about how to keep people entertained during gatherings with an entire swimming pool to keep the party going. Add some music, good food, and pool toys, and everyone is sure to have a blast.

4. New Swimming Pool Projects Are Ideal for Families With Kids

If you’re concerned about your children watching too much television or spending excessive time indoors, a swimming pool is a sure way to get them outdoors for hours. Kids of all ages typically enjoy spending time playing Marco Polo, searching for diving rings, or circling the edge of the pool. The best part is that nothing is as sure to wear your kids out for bedtime as a long afternoon swim.

Pool with fountain features

5. A Swimming Pool Remodeling Houston Project Lets You Vacation From Home

If your favorite part of vacationing is getting a tan or swimming in the hotel pool, adding a new swimming pool is a great way to transform your backyard into your summer resort. When you need a place to relax and escape the scalding heat of summer, pool renovations make Texas a bearable place to enjoy your time off work.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even cancel this year’s summer trip and save some money from the comfort of your own home instead.

Get Swimming With Pool Installation Company

Schedule a swimming pool remodeling Houston project is a huge undertaking. To make sure your vision comes true, you need to work with the right installation company to plan out your project and build you the pool you’ve always dreamed of. For a pool renovations Houston company you can trust, contact the experts at Manning Pool Service today.

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