Houston’s severe drought and heat have drastic effects on swimming pools! The lack of rain causes the soil to dry up and “draw up” becoming looser around tree roots and any structure that is buried in the ground. The weight of the water is what holds the pool shell (gunite, rebar and plaster) in the ground. But even that much weight can shift when soil dries up, shrinks and moves causing cracks in the pool, deck or PVC pipe. We may not want the large water bill, but the high cost of drought damage repair makes big water bills a bargain in the end. Damage can be prevented by placing a soaker hose around the perimeter of the pool. Water in the evening after the sun goes down so that water is not lost to evaporation.

Another pain point for pool owners is Algae. Algae’s conversion of light energy into food by photosynthesis produces waste byproducts that can become dangerous. Dried Algae become spores and when spores come in contact with water, the algae grows again. This makes pool surfaces the perfect breeding ground for algae.

The best ways to prevent algae growth are:

1. The correct use of chlorine. Make sure to maintain 1.0 parts per million PPM in algae free pools. To get rid of algae growth you need to shock your pool or increase the chlorine content to 10 PPM.
2. Keep the filter cleaned. This will help with algae, bacteria and other debris. Cleaning the filter or backwashing it often is recommended.
3. Another key to clear water is to run the pumps at least 12 hours a day. If you are treating the water for algae and have added shock, run the pumps 24 hours a day until the water clears.
4. Brushing and vacuuming the plaster often is also necessary, at least every other day.
5. Maintain proper water levels in the pool. It is critical to cleanliness and protection of expensive equipment. Water should be half way up the skimmer opening in the pool.

These issues are expensive and can cause severe damage. Manning Pool Service offers weekly maintenance, water evaluation and Pool School. Let us give you back your weekend! We can test water, skim leaves and debris, check equipment, correct the chemicals, brush and vacuum plaster and tile, saving time and effort! Let our guys do the sweating! Visit our website at www.manningpoolservice.com for more information on pool maintenance. Happy swimming, enjoy the pool and let us do the work. If you get it green, we’ll get it clean!