Feel Like a King

If you’re looking to enhance your backyard, adding fire bowls can put a wow on people’s face. Whether yo u’re looking for either a bowl shape or pit, adding it to your backyard can help you with  many occasions. With a fire bowl, you can impress your guests while also feeling like a king. The party doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down. There are more reasons and benefits to getting a fire bowl in your backyard besides how cool they look.

Backyard Gatherings

With our fire bowls and fire pits, the party doesn’t have to end because the sun went down. You can gather around the fire and enjoy each other’s company while staying warm. Whether that’s telling stories during summer or enjoying the night sky in the spring. Houston weather is sometimes unpredictable. Just because it’s warm during the day doesn’t guarantee warm nights. But with guests over, you can take the party outside in confidence with your fire bowl or pit to keep you warm.

Pool Parties

Sometimes pool parties go longer than originally planned. During warmer weather, the party can go on through the night. with the help of your fire bowls, they can help keep the party going. The flames help add additional lighting to your backyard while also giving it a fun look. Watch as the flames reflect off the water and add a nice glow to your pool. Plus, it can also serve as a warming area once you get out of the pool. Talk about a bonfire pool party.


Remember how exciting it was to get s’mores when you were younger? It was like a summer treat. The great thing about our pits are that they can serve as a s’mores maker. Not only are you getting the fun of a gathering in your backyard, but you’re also getting the enjoyment of a sweet treat. Now you can keep that summertime fun throughout the year with cooking up some s’mores.

Hot Dogs

Let’s not forget the other delicious campfire treat. Remember cooking up a hot dog on a stick? Now you can have your friends over, have a drink in your hand, and a hot dog in the other. Just another fun idea to hang out in your backyard. Just make sure you do this one over a proper fire pit, instead of a fire bowl. Otherwise dripping grease can cause quite a headache when it comes to cleaning up after the party!


Our fire bowls renovation can really do wonders to enhance your backyard. You can decide where you want to place them to add some visual effects to your landscape. Whether you want your bowls next to your pool or a pit on your patio, they can really bring the place together. You can add some comfortable furniture around your pit to build on for convenience. These bowls also add some visual beauty to your landscape. Their soft glow looks great against the Houston night sky.

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