This broken pipe doesn’t need a plumber.
It needs Manning Pool SVC.

Ever hear the joke about the broken pipe and the plumber that wouldn’t fix it? That’s probably because it’s no joke. The truth is most plumbers do not and will not work on pool equipment plumbing. Pipe pressures and connections to various pieces of equipment mean you need a respected pool company to work on leaky or broken pool piping. Manning Pool Service is ready to repair any leaks in your pool equipment.

With the current drought and cooler temperatures of winter on the way, your pool equipment is set up to take a beating. Don’t let the recent rains fool you. The Houston area is 20 to 25 inches behind in rainfall. It will take a long time to catch up and as we do, the ground will continue to shift in unpredictable and possibly damaging ways. Most owners do not do daily inspections of their pool equipment, now is the time to start.

The ground is so dry right now in the Houston area that any moisture around pool equipment needs to be investigated. With the evaporative effects of cool nights and sweltering daytime heat hitting your pool, the last thing you need is to be bleeding precious water out of leaky pipes or equipment. So if you see water around your pool equipment, you should have it inspected right away.

Another big concern for pool owners around Houston in the coming months is going to be the dramatic ground shifts that will happen as the clay in our soil expands when we do start to get some wet weather. The same pressures that are pulling water pipes apart all over the city are at work on the underground piping of your pool system. But it will not just affect piping. Unfortunately, pool owners will need to keep a watchful eye on the sides of their pools as well this winter. Small cracks in plaster need to be addressed right away before they become worse and expensive problems.

The best advice that anyone can give right now is to water when you can. Check your pool equipment daily. If you see water where it shouldn’t be or spot cracks in pool siding, call a professional for an evaluation. Like most things in life, if you catch these problems early enough, you will have some options about how to fix them. But if you wait too long or the problem goes unnoticed, then fixing them will be an expensive proposition no matter how you do it.

Call Manning Pool Service at 713-812-9098 if you have any questions or concerns about your pool and we will be happy to help. You can also visit us online at or email me at Remember, if you get it green, we’ll get it clean!