You’ve had a long day at work and you can’t wait to relax in your pool. But as you finally get ready to enjoy a swim you realize your fire bowls are broken.

“Darn! What will I do now?” If your fire bowls need repairing, don’t worry! Manning Pool service is fully equipped to repair your fire bowls.

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 Fire bowls need maintenance just like your pool.

Common Problems

As you probably already know, fire bowls are not immune to damage. Just like your pool, fire bowls may need fixing now and then. So what are the main causes of fire feature problems?

Pets: Do you have any outside animals? Maybe a dog or cat who enjoys the outdoors with you? While it’s fine to have them laze near you while you relax in your Houston pool, keep them away from fire bowls. Animals are naturally curious creatures and seeing something bright and warm is bound to catch there attention. So shoo them away when you see them get close

Improper Use: It’s important that you understand how to enjoy your fire bowl properly. If you have any children who also enjoy fire bowls be sure to watch them while they’re in use.

Bad Weather: We all love Houston’s weather. It’s great for people who want to enjoy their pools in more seasons than just summer. But sometimes bad weather can cause damage to your fire bowls.

Lack of Maintenance: Like with pools, your fire bowls need maintenance from time to time.

 Why You Should Hire Fire Bowl Service Company

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By now you might be thinking,
“Couldn’t I just hire an electrician or plumber to fix my fire bowl?” We’re not saying you can’t. If you know someone who is knowledgeable enough and has the parts, why not? But there’s a good reason we suggest hiring a fire bowl repair company like us.

Suppose you come one day to find your fire bowl isn’t working. Your day was already stressful and NOW you find out your fire bowls are broken. Not a happy thing to discover, we know.

“Wait, I know a plumber. They can fix this, right?” You call them in a panic and they come over. Then, just when you think your fire bowls will be okay, you find out your plumber can’t service them.

“Sorry,” they say, “I’d like to help you out but I’m not authorized to fix them. Plus, I don’t even when I’ll be able to get the parts even if I was! Sorry.”

Not only is Manning Pool Service authorized to service fire bows from Grand Effects, but we also stock the parts! So if your fire bowl suddenly stops working, we’ll have everything you need to get it working again.

Keep Your Fires Going For Years to Come

Yes, proper maintenance can save you money.

fire bowls, Houston fire bowls, fire bowl repair, fire bowl installation Keep Your Costs Low

Another reason to hire an authorized fire bowl repair company is that they can keep your maintenance costs low. Let’s back to the situation from before. Your fire bowl suddenly stops working and your plumber comes over.

They’ve known you a long time and don’t want to lose a trusted customer. So even though they don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your fire bowl, they try to fix it. And it works! You’re happy to have your fire bowls back, and your plumber is happy they could fix them.

But then, a few nights later, your fire bowls stop working again. That’s when you discover your bowl needed more help than your plumber could give. Now you’re paying more money to get them fixed.

That’s why it’s important your fire bowls are fixed right the first time. With the right mending from an authorized mender, your fire bowls burn brightly for years to come.

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