5. Dallas Has to Winterize Their Pools – We Don’t!

Dallas typically has more harsh winters than Houston does. Whether you love or hate the mild winters we have in Houston (let’s be honest – snow is pretty fun), pool owners rejoice! Houston pool owners don’t do as much work when it comes to preparing their pools for wintertime. Why? Because we don’t have to! The mild nature of our winters doesn’t require such intense preparation. While Dallas is working hard winterizing their pools, Houstonians can sit back and relax. And who doesn’t love relaxing?

4. There’s a Giant Texas-Shaped Lazy River 100 Feet Above Houston

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Image by Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

Houston is the only place in Texas where you can float around the entire state in less than 15 minutes. The Marriot Marquis Houston, a 1,000-room hotel in downtown Houston, opened in December 2016. The hotel boasts tons of event rooms, guest rooms, and a 39,000-square-foot ballroom, the largest in Houston. Among other cool features, the Marriot Marquis Houston also has a rooftop lazy river, infinity pool, and a poolside bar and grill. The lazy river is shaped like the Lone Star State, holds 140,000 gallons, and measures 510 feet long! It’s the only lazy river of its kind in Texas.

3. The “Coolest City in America” Has the Coolest Pools

Put simply, our city is pretty awesome. Not only is the city of Houston home to over 2 million people, but it also boasts NASA, the Port of Houston, and much, much more. Let’s not forget that JJ Watt and Beyonce call Houston home. It’s been called the fastest growing city in the US. Houston has gotten so much buzz that Forbes actually rated Houston as the coolest city in America to live in. The population in Dallas – which is 1.318 million as of 2016 – looks minuscule compared to Houston’s population. Houston has 2.303 million residents, while 6.5 million live in the metropolitan area. More people, more pools, more fun!

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2. We Have the Tallest Pool in Texas, the “Sky Pool”

If you haven’t heard of Houston’s “Sky Pool,” you should really check it out. Market Square Tower is a luxury apartment building that opened in downtown Houston in 2016. The building has gone viral online thanks to its unique swimming pool. You may be wondering “What’s so unique about a swimming pool in an apartment building?” We assure you that this is no ordinary pool. Market Square Tower’s “Sky Pool” is a glass-bottomed infinity pool that hangs 10 feet off the side of the tower. The glass bottom allows swimmers to see straight down onto Preston Street below. The view is impressive – imagine looking down and seeing the city 42 stories (500 feet) beneath your feet. As the tallest pool in Texas – and the only glass-bottomed pool in Houston- it’s the perfect pool for any Houston thrill seeker.

While Dallas has a glass-bottomed pool set to open in 2018, we all know who did it first and who did it best: Houston.

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