The 3 Kinds of Houston Pool Cleaning Companies

Houston pool cleaning companies tend to come in three main varieties.

First, there are the low-budget, one or two-man operations. No matter how skilled and professional these tireless pool cleaners are, their success depends on the health and dependability of a one-truck operation.

Second, there are the large, franchise operations. These Houston pool cleaning companies run their trucks and technicians like a march of ants. Service is typically punctual, but given the constantly changing cast of pool technicians, it can be difficult to build a real relationship.

Third and last, are the mid-size, local pool cleaning companies. These tend to be independently owned and operated family businesses. Unlike the one or two-man pool cleaners, they have enough staff on hand to guarantee reliable service. Plus, unlike the large franchises, the staff is also small enough that you get to know your pool technician by name. They know the particulars about you, your pool, your backyard, and even your family dog, because you see the same faces on a regular basis. Best of all, these mid-size companies often produce higher employee satisfaction and retention, because employees receive individual recognition and are valued members of a close-knit team.

Anyone who has chosen Manning Pool Service over the years will know that we are, and strive to be, proud members of this third category of Houston pool cleaning companies.

 Expectations for Pool Cleaning Services

No matter what size company you choose, we believe you should have the same expectations in pool cleaning services.

  1. Personal Approach

    Your pool is unique. You deserve a company that understands and respects this. You shouldn’t have to constantly wonder whether they will remember to do what you asked each time they visit.

  2. Punctual On-Time Service

    Offering on-time service isn’t just professional, it’s a sign of respect. There are certain reasons why you schedule your pool cleaning for a certain time on a certain day. Local pool cleaning companies should respect that and be on time every time, or communicate unavoidable delays in advance.

  3. Quality Pool Cleaning Services

    Expecting a pool cleaner to provide quality pool cleaning is a no-brainer. Out of date equipment, lack of knowledge, and overall poor results are all reasons to be very concerned about your current pool cleaner.

  4. Complimentary Maintenance Inspection

    Every pool cleaning is an opportunity for your pool cleaner to provide exceptional service. For example, this should always include a complimentary look and listen inspection. Don’t get us wrong here, however. This is not leak detection or motor tune-up. It simply means that they should have their eyes and ears open to identify and potential problems while servicing your pool. By the same token, a pool cleaner who spends the whole time talking on the phone or listening to loud music on headphones can hardly fulfill this part of your pool inspection service.

  5. Pool Repair Knowledge & Resources

    So, what if operation of your pool filtration, heating, or automation system is called is called into question? Well, your pool technician should either know how to assess the problem, or have direct access to someone who does. This provides quick turn around for your repair and keeps your pool in operation with very little downtime.

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