If you’re a new pool owner, you’re probably wishing there was a pool cleaning service for dummies guide. What is the dirty work and how long does it take? Do you really want to do it all yourself, or is it worth paying a company to clean your pool and filters, and balance your chemicals on a weekly basis? When it comes to a swimming pool cleaning company, what can you expect? What types of services do they offer? Here’s your go-to pool cleaning services for dummies guide with five of the most important things that professional pool technicians do:

1. Debris

First things first, you can hardly clean the system if the water is dirty. The first step is skimming out the floating debris, cleaning out the baskets, and vacuuming the settled dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. A skilled pool technician can do this so quickly and efficiently, without ever entering the water, that you may hardly even know that he or she is there.

This is an important step in cleaning the pool and maintenance upkeep, as debris left over an extended period of time can cause serious damage. Not only can the debris eventually cause discoloration of the pool walls and bottom, but it can eventually make its way into the pump and cause a system failure.

2. Backwashing

The pool filters are essential in keeping the pool clean. Overtime, sediment and debris may build up on them and need to be washed off. This is called backwashing. This is done prior to adding chemicals to the water since the process itself removes some of the water from the pool. Swimming pool cleaning company technicians are trained in backwashing all types of commercial filters for all size pools, from backyard to olympic. Their experience gives them the quickness and confidence to be in and out in hardly any time at all.

3. Chemical Balance

Your pool’s balance is crucial in maintaining water that is acidic enough to kill the algae and bacteria that typically grows in standing pools of water, while still safe for your family, friends or clients to swim in.

A pool technician will use quality test strips to test the chemicals in the water. The chemicals that are tested on a regular basis include things like pH, total alkalinity, calcium, chlorine, bromine and metals. If pH is not balanced, it can cause the corrosion of pool equipment and pool surfaces. If calcium levels are high, it can cause calcium deposits to build-up on the equipment and pool surfaces. If calcium levels are low, it can cause the lifespan of vinyl liners to be cut short.

Although you may think it easy enough to clean, vacuum and backwash your own pool and filtration system, getting your chemical balance right is essential to your health and safety. If you’ve never owned or balanced your own pool before, this is where we highly recommend a swimming pool cleaning company to get you started, at least for the first year, until you have a full grasp of everything needed to keep your pool safe and hazard-free.

4. Shock

No pool cleaning services for dummies guide would be complete without mentioning shock treatment. Unlike the name suggests, it actually has nothing to do with electricity and everything to do with chemicals.

Pool shock refers to a mixture of highly concentrated chlorine and other chemicals that are designed to kill anything growing in the water. It is generally used to combat any visible growth of algae or cloudy water. This chemical mixture is highly toxic and should be handled with both care and caution. Do your best not to touch it with your bare hands or breath in any dust/fumes from when it is put into the pool. Some shocks claim that it is safe to swim as soon as 15 minutes after the treatment, but whenever possible it is best to leave it for 8-24 hours to prevent your swimmers from experiencing red, itchy eyes and brittle hair. The frequency of pool shocking depends directly on how often your pool is used, how heavy the usage, and how well it is kept clean.

A swimming pool cleaning company will take care of all this for you, including transport and storage of these highly potent chemicals. If possible, coordinate their regular visit with a time prior to your use of the pool. If you use your pool primarily on weekends, try to schedule an appointment for Thursday or Friday morning. This will help ensure your pool is clean, balanced and ready for use following any pool shock treatments.

5. Inspection

Pool Inspection company technicians are skilled at evaluating the condition of your pool, filtration system and chemical equipment as they service your pool at no extra charge. If they see something they will say something. This includes structural leaks and cracks in the surface.

If you’ve decided to clean and care for your own pool, we highly recommend hiring a company at both the start and end of your pool season. This will insure that your pool is properly cleaned, balanced and shocked, and that all systems are operating correctly before the season. Then, when you’re ready to close your pool down, they’ll help ensure that everything is shut down and secured for the winter months.

Pool Cleaning Services For Dummies

We hope you’ve enjoyed this pool cleaning services for dummies guide about the five major areas a pool cleaning company will provide. For more information on any of the above or to see how we can help you maintain a clean and healthy pool environment, contact us at Manning Pool Service by giving us a call at [phone] or filling out our online contact form.