To Our Manning Pool Service Customers,

Manning Pool Service is anticipating the likelihood of Hurricanes Laura/Marco making landfall in Texas later this week. We have prepared a list of helpful information and steps you can take to keep your pool safe and as clean as possible during the storm subsequent flooding. MPS will be operating our maintenance and repair vehicles as long as possible or until it is unsafe to do so.

MPS is no stranger to harsh weather. Many of you met us for the first time after Hurricane Harvey or tropical storm Imelda. We aim to assist you and your family to the best of our ability and protect your pool at all costs. We will provide constant communication and updates on our website, social media channels, and email.


Please see the information below. These steps should be taken 12-24 hours before landfall. If you have questions, please contact our office directly.Slightly Drain the Pool in Advance

  • Slightly Drain the Pool in Advance– First, turn the system to “Service Mode” on your automation unit. Second, if you have a sand or DE filter you can set the multi-port valve to “Waste”. Turn on the pump, keep your eye on the water level of the pool as it lowers. (You want it to stop with 2” of water flow going into the skimmers) so the pump can still circulate the pool water. When it is at its desired level, turn the pump off and revert the multiport valve to “Filter.” Last, put the system back in “Auto Mode.”


NOTE: Do not drain the entire pool – This will release hydrostatic pressure causing the pool to pop out of the ground due to the heavily saturated ground around the pool pushing upward on the concrete pool shell.


  • Super-Chlorinate Pool/Spa– To do this you can use your phone or handheld remote to turn the salt cell to Super Chlorinate mode. If you do not have any type of controller; go the unit, press down and hold the “Less” and “More” buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. You will see the green lights flash from 20% to 100% repeatedly while it is in this mode. This will turn the cell to 100% for 24hr of run time.


NOTE: Keep in mind that the cell will produce the equivalent of 1.5lbs of shock per 24-hour run cycle. If you have a chlorine pool, you may add extra tabs to your tower or floater to prepare for the influx of fresh water. If you have extra 1lbs packets of shock, you can add those to the pool, even if it’s already blue, to bolster the chlorine levels in preparation.

Power OFF the System When Storm Hits

  • Power OFF the System When Storm Hits– When the storm arrives, turn the system off at the breakers to avoid any possible electrical damages. You can usually find the breakers inside the automation box on your pool equipment. Sometimes, they are on the side of the house or in the garage. When the storm is over you can turn them back on and the pool will begin its normal cycle of filtration and circulation.


  • Know Your Pool and Backyard Surroundings– Most new pools have what is called an “overflow grate or overflow drain.” This is a square box that is built into the plaster – generally inside a skimmer throat or on the side wall of the pool, depending on the build. This grate will route the excess water out of the pool and into the sewage and drainage line. Please keep drain clear of obstructions and debris.


  • Experiencing Flooding? Call us!– In the event of flooding, leave the pool powered off and contact our office. It is preferred to not send dirty water through the filters and equipment as it can possibly damage the equipment. Please collect and email photos to and include your name and address.


There are over 2 million swimming pools in the greater metropolitan area. As Houston’s #1 Pool Company, we will be inundated with calls and requests for service. Please know that we will be prioritizing Manning Pool Service customers while still offering our service to Greater Houston.


We have been here before and like always, we will get through this together.

We Are Houston Strong,

Ana, David, & Jeffrey Manning


Pool Preparation for Hurricanes


Pool Preparations before a Hurricane | Manning Pool Service – Houston, TX