How to Know if Your Pool Pump is Not Working

A pool pump not working can be a real headache.

For most home owners, owning your own pool is a wonderful treat. Being able to fight the heat by simply going into your back yard and jumping into the cool, fresh water is heaven for some. Not to mention that staying in as long as you want is a luxury that many only dream of having. Those who own pools often take this opportunity for granted. That is, until they walk out one day to hear growling noises coming from the pool, or to find the water very cloudy and uninviting.

In many cases, a pool pump not working is the cause. Before you make this conclusion for yourself, however, you need to make sure. Here are some of the ways you can determine if, indeed, it’s your pool pump not working.

Loss of Suction

Pool pumps are designed to draw in water and run it through a filter before pumping it back into the pool, clear of debris. If the pressure indicator is indicating that your pool is not working up to capacity in regards to how much water is being sucked into the pump at a time, you may have either a clogged pump or it could be that the suction motor is wearing out, as it will over time.

Water is Leaking Around Pump

The connections around the pump have seals that help maintain water pressure. Over time, the seals will wear out and this will show in water leaking out around the connections. While there are a few reasons this could happen, most often it is the seal. Whatever the cause, you need to have the pump repaired before the problem becomes worse. In some cases you may have to install a pool pump that is brand new.

Pump Motor Keeps Shutting Off

If your pump motor seems to shut down after only a short time, it could mean it is becoming over-heated or is clogged. The motor should run smoothly and if it isn’t, the fan and other parts of the pump are either being over-worked or not working anywhere near as well as they should. This is one problem that needs to be checked out and fixed as soon as it is noticed as it will not go away. It will simply get worse, taking out other parts with it. Delaying any fixing of the pump motor will always result in a greater outlay of money in the end.

Noisy Pump

Your pool pump should run quietly. Nobody, especially your neighbors, wants to hear grinding or other loud noises when they are trying to relax. Any noises that are out of character is indication of the need for pool pump repair. Save the noise for your stereo speakers and call us if the pool pump starts to get loud.

Sucking Air

The pool pump is not supposed to suck in air, but only water. If their is an indication of it sucking in air, it means something is leaking and the water isn’t being cleaned as it should be. Air is lighter than water so when there is a leak in the air-tight seal, more air than water is going through your pump. Fresh, clean air is good, but not in your pool.

Off Color, Green, or Murky Water

If you’ve owned a pool for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the look of clean water. Green or murky water is often an indication that something is wrong with the pump and filtration system. No need to explore this further, call a pro to fix this quick.

What To Do With a Pool Pump Not Working

If you’re in Houston and you notice any of these indications of your pool pump not working the best it can, call Manning Pool Service immediately.

Pool equipment repair is one of our specialties. We will make sure your pool is back up with a properly working pump in as short of time possible. Give us a call at [phone] or contact us online for more information.

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