How can I save money on my pool expenses???

Hello pool owners! Welcome to our blog.

One of the renovation questions we are most frequently asked is, “How can I save energy; I’ve got an old pump. Are there more efficient pumps available”.  One manufacturer of pumps, Pentair Water, engineered the “Intelliflo” series to answer exactly that issue. To quote Pentair,  “ Variable drive technology controlled by an on-board computer…achieve (s) lower flow rates for energy savings”. So what does that mean to you? The pump is run by a computerized drive motor which sits on top of the pump. By using its touch pad, like your iPhone, you can change the speed of the motor, thus the amount of electricity to pump the water around the pool. Lower pump speed equals energy savings. “There is a significant increase in energy consumption as pump speed increases…from 30% to 90%.” (©2008 Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc.) So conversely, energy expense lowers as pump speed slows. An analogy is driving your car slower saves on the amount of gasoline used.

Okay, so that’s my technology lesson for the day. Me, an artist, talking techno-speak. But the great guys that work for us, Jeff Manning, Robert May, David Manning and Trevor Pousson can answer those questions and lots more. We have a great staff to help you.

Speaking about being an artist, here’s a picture of me building a “mud bug” sculpture out of coins and mud at the Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce. I hope you were there Saturday, and be assured there will be another Annual Heights Chamber of  Commerce Crawfish Festival next year. They keep getting bigger and better!

Susan Manning