Back in August, Hurricane Harvey hit south Texas and devastated the city of Houston. Our hearts go out to those affected. We, too, were affected by this powerful, destructive storm.

We worked hard to provide our clients with exceptional pool cleaning after Harvey, to help them rebuild.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we helped one client after Hurricane Harvey destroyed his backyard.

The Buffalo Bayou Pool Cleaning Project

Hurricane Harvey caused a 60-foot water surge in this area of the city. Water actually ended up rising 38.7 feet above the bridge at South Shepherd and Memorial Drive.

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Unfortunately, this client’s backyard became a pile of river sand, mud, and debris. The huge water surge allowed 5 feet of mud to build up in the pool. In other words, it was a huge mess.

But Manning was ready to clean it up. Here’s how we started to recover the pool:

How We Recovered the Pool

  • 40,000-gallon pool
  • 333,680 pounds of water weight (1 US short ton of water = 2,000 lbs of water weight)
  • Holds approximately 167 tons of water

Step 1:

Pool cleaning after Harvey began quickly. The week after the storm, we put 100 pounds of very concentrated chlorine (called shock) in the muddy bayou water left in the pool after the bayou receded. This started the process of clarifying the water so that we could see down into the bottom of the pool.

We could see that mud, silt, and dead fish had settled to the bottom. The chlorine “shock” killed mosquito larvae as well. Unfortunately, when we shocked the pool, the fish died within a few minutes, but we netted them out of the water and threw them in the bayou immediately.

pool cleaning after Harvey

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Step 2:

We evaluated the situation with the homeowner. Water was NOT drained from the pool until 3 weeks after the storm. The bayou water needed to recede so the site was safe for workers and then the ground around the pool had to dry for a few weeks. Water weighs 8.342 lbs. per gallon. It is the weight of the water in the pool that holds the pool structure down in place.

When soil is highly saturated and a pool is drained, the pool is likely to “pop” out of the ground!

When soil is super water-saturated, and a pool is drained, it is highly likely to “pop” out of the ground, evidenced by broken decking and cracks down the plaster and gunite shell of the pool. This damage most often cannot be repaired. A pool that has “popped” from the ground most often has to be excavated and removed.

Step 3:

We removed the mud, sand, and debris by diving into the pool with a 3-inch round hose, which was 150 feet in length. We pumped this water and mud back into the bayou.

Imagine a flooded pool that doesn’t have direct access back to the bayou. That water would have to be pumped directly down into the drain system of the street, into the wastewater infrastructure of the city. Decisions about emptying a pool must be calculated correctly; thus, a pool owner must hire an expert for this!

The end result? A sparkling clean, well-running pool!

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A Step-by-Step Look at Pool Cleaning After Harvey | Manning Pool Service – Houston, TX