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Summer is all about enjoying the weather while relaxing and enjoying the people around you. People might come and enjoy your pool time with you. The pool is a great way to keep your family and house guests entertained. While at other times, it’s the perfect way to relax after a crazy week at work. But having a boring and traditional pool just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s the 21st century, which means technology largely impacts our society. How can you keep your pool up to date? Easy. Manning Pool Service can enhance your pool with popular pool automation upgrades.

What exactly can you do with pool automation upgrades? From tracking your pH balance to sanitizing to filtration, you can now use swimming pool automation to complete a variety of tasks from wherever you happen to be — in no time at all. There are several different popular choices. Whether you want a light show or control your spa from miles away, we can make it happen. Not only do we want to make accessing your pool as convenient as possible, but we also want to make you feel comfortable in your own backyard.

Easy Touch

There’s a reason why we call it Easy Touch. With just a push of a button, you’re able to control temperatures, time clocks, and much more. To us, that’s much easier than memorizing importation sequences. One of the great things about Easy Touch is that you don’t have to leave the water to adjust anything. Maybe you’re enjoying the bubbling water of your spa, but the jets turned off. It’s a cool summer night, which means leaving the warm water off is not an option. Now, with our Easy Touch controllers, now you don’t have to. You can sit back and watch the summer sunset and enjoy your evening outside. Imagine controlling the flow without ever leaving the water, and focusing on why you got into your spa in the first place. No more distractions, just relaxation.


Who doesn’t like controlling lights during a summer pool party? Lights are a great way to impress your guests when showing off your pool and spa. From light shows to pumps and water features, IntelliTouch controls them all. There are a few options where and how you can access our system. It can be as simple as a touch from an app on your phone to a wireless remote or a control panel in the tile of your spa. Instead of getting out of the water and putting a hold on the party, you can access your system from anywhere. As a result, you don’t have to press pause on your party anymore.

ScreenLogic Mobile

Everyone is on their mobile phone, anyways. Might as well add an app to take control of your pool. The ScreenLogic is an upgrade from the standard Easy Touch and IntelliTouch pool automation systems. With ScreenLogic, you now have full control of your pool and spa from any mobile device and computer. Whether you’re on your way home from work or in line at the grocery store, you can start up the jets and turn up the temperature before you take one step into the water. Wherever you are, you can control your backyard oasis with a tap on your screen. Generally speaking, both apps are easy to both install and use, even if you’re not a technically inclined person. Our recommendation is to talk to someone who knows the particular system you want to use inside and out so you can ask the questions. Besides reading the manual, this is the best way to integrate your system to the pool. Let’s say you have a hot tub and you want it to be ready for you as soon as you walk in the door. If you know you’re going to be home in an hour or so, you can set either of the apps offered by these companies to get it running. We recommend reviewing your particular pool needs to the many features available.

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There’s no need to leave your poolside or spa anymore with a pool automation. Take your pool to the next level and let Manning Pool Service help you. Call us now [phone] or contact us online and discover how you can upgrade today. All in all,  we want you to be happy while enjoying your poolside as conveniently as possible.

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