When the hot weather arrives, you’ll want to find ways to enjoy it. One of the best ways to escape the heat is by spending some time in your backyard pool. However, if your pool feels a little lifeless or dull, you may not want to spend all that much time there. This is a shame, considering how lovely pools are and how much money you likely spent either installing or maintaining your pool. To fix this, there are some simple swimming pool ideas residents can do to bring their pools back to life and turn them into a place they want to spend their entire summers. Here are some ideas to use for your pool remodeling Houston project.

Swimming Pool Ideas Can Include Cleaning and Repair

Swimming Pool Ideas The first thing you need to do is give your pool a thorough cleaning and repair anything that’s broken. Nothing makes a pool less appealing than dirty water, floating debris, or a part of it that just isn’t working right. If you have the time, spend it cleaning out the debris in your pool, scrubbing down the tiles, and adding chemicals to clean up the water. If you don’t have the time, hire a pool cleaning service to do it for you.

As for repairs, you’ll want to get this taken care of as soon as you can. Some common areas of repair include the filtration system, underwater lights, and the heating system. Repairs are likely something you won’t be able to do on your own, so you’ll want to call in professionals. For example, if you have a broken pool heating system, Manning Pool Service provides pool heater repair in Houston to assist you.

Once you take care of all the cleaning and repairs, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Getting your pool back to the way it once was is the first step to bringing it back to life and typically the most important.

Swimming Pool Ideas Include Underwater LED Lights

If your pool still needs some life after cleaning and repairs, there are some things you can add to the pool and the surrounding area to help. One option is underwater LED lights. With LED lights, you can give your pool a colorful glow at night in any color you want. Now not only is your pool enjoyable during the day but fun at night. Underwater LED lights are relatively inexpensive but add a completely different feeling to your pool, making them a great option when you want to add some life.

Swimming Pool Ideas Include Glow-in-the-Dark Tiles

Along the same lines as LED lights are glow-in-the-dark tiles. Glow-in-the-dark tiles go around the outside of the pool and light up at night. These tiles can help a pool stand out in the dark, especially when combined with LED lights. Best of all, they don’t require any electricity, so there is only the one-time cost of installation. Many design options are available with glow-in-the-dark tiles, so feel free to be creative and truly transform the way your pool area looks at night.

Swimming Pool Ideas Include Adding a Waterfall or Fountain

For a more relaxing atmosphere, consider adding in a waterfall or fountain. A waterfall connected to your pool not only adds the tranquil sound of running water but helps to keep the water in your pool clean. With a fountain, you can either have one installed directly within the pool or placed along the outside. In either case, it’ll add a touch of elegance and tranquility to the yard for just a small price.

Surround Your Pool with Inviting Décor as Swimming Pool Ideas

One of the last swimming pool ideas is to add some life to your pool, don’t forget about the area surrounding it. Add in some more comfortable furniture, some everlasting flames, a stereo system, or whatever else will convince you to spend more time there. When we use a pool, we often spend just as much time alongside it as we do in it. Therefore, improving the entire pool area and not just the pool can help bring your pool back to life.

Start Bringing Your Pool Back to Life With These Swimming Pool Ideas

Swimming pool maintenanceDon’t wait for the hot weather to arrive before you start considering how to bring your pool back to life. The sooner you start thinking about it, the more you’ll be able to use your pool when the time comes. Spend a little time thinking about the pool renovations you could make and the surrounding area, then investigate how you would go about each of them.

If you have any swimming pool ideas, contact Manning Pool Service. Our team provides pool remodeling and pool renovations in Houston, helping pool owners transform their pool areas completely. Our expert team knows what it takes to bring a pool back to life and is happy to help you do so with yours in any way that we can.

To learn more about our pool remodeling services in Houston, contact us today. We are always available to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a visit to your home for a consultation.




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