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Winter pool maintenance tips, and advice for which problems you should be watching for with your swimming pool over the winter season. If you live in an area that does not get cold enough to worry about water freezing then you do not really “close” the pool, so much as you put it on a minimal maintenance schedule. So long as you scoop the leaves, vacuum the bottom, and keep some chlorine in the water, then the pool will most likely stay clear.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Pool Year-Round and How Regular Testing Helps

Pool maintenance services

Regardless of its use, pool maintenance is crucial if you want to increase its longevity. A pool is much like tending a plant; they need regular care and effort. Not maintaining your pool year-round, even for a short period, can lead to future issues that may unknowingly crop up. Conduct pool service regularly throughout the year to maintain your pool’s health and avoid burning a hole in your pocket. Regular Pool Inspection Maintain a schedule to conduct periodic checks of Read More

Pool Heaters and Your Houston Year Round Pool

Houston Pool Heaters

Enjoy Year-Round Access Although Houston isn’t nearly as cold as other places in the United States, pool heaters are nice to have during winter to enjoy year-round access to your pool. With the help of a relatively inexpensive pool heater, there’s no need to shut it down in the winter. Houston and the Weather Houston is one of the perfect places to have a year round pool. The weather in Houston is nice enough that we don’t really have to worry Read More