Whether you recently installed a pool, had pool remodeling Houston done, or want to keep your existing pool looking and functioning its best, regular pool maintenance is important. Without regular cleaning, algae and other harmful microorganisms may build up in your pool. These eight pool brushing tips can help you keep your pool looking good and functioning properly.

Importance of Brushing Your Pool

Even if you have equipment installed to keep your pool clean, that equipment often can not completely remove algae, stains, and bacteria. When these microorganisms build up in your pool, they can leave the pool looking dirty, the water looking mirky, and create health hazards. Adding chlorine kills some organisms, but too much chlorine can also cause health problems, and even high levels of chlorine will not completely solve the problem. Regular pool brushing can help remove the organisms that lead to stains and health hazards.

Pool Brushing Tips

Pool brushing can be time-consuming, but it is not difficult. However, if you would like to save yourself some time, the team at Manning Pool Service would be happy to provide regular pool maintenance services. These tips are most effective if you brush your pool at least once a week.Man cleaning swimming pool

1. Use a Nylon Pool Brush

Pool brushes come in various types, and most of the features can be selected based on your personal preference. However, it is important to choose a brush that has nylon bristles. Nylon bristles are stiff enough to remove dirt and debris from your pool effectively but are soft enough to avoid scratching your Pebble Tech finish. If you do end up with some scratches in your pool, a pool remodeling Houston company can help you make repairs.

2. Replace Your Pool Brush Regularly

Most pool brushes will last four to five years, but eventually, they will wear out and become less effective. Check the bristles periodically, and if the bristles look worn or damaged, it may be time to replace your brush.

3. Make Sure You Brush the Whole Pool

Some people try to get away with just brushing the walls, but bacteria can also build upon the stairs, slides, platform, floors, and other surfaces. Be sure to brush the entire surface.

4. Brush Twice a Week

Weekly pool brushing is the minimum recommendation, but if you are using the pool frequently or live in an area prone to algae or bacteria growth, you may benefit from brushing more regularly. Additionally, the more often you brush, the less build-up of dirt and debris there will be, which will make the task easier.stair pool Pool Remodeling Houston

5. Remove Debris Before Brushing

Before you start brushing, you should remove any debris, such as leaves or sticks. You can use a rake for this task, or a skimmer net if available.

6. Brush in the Direction of the Main Drain

Brushing toward the main drain will help any dirt and debris you loosen to be removed from the pool. Otherwise, you could just end up shifting dirt around the pool instead of getting rid of it.

7. Make Sure the Pump Is Running When You Brush

For the dirt you brush to be removed from the pool, the pump needs to be running. If the pump is turned off, the dirt will remain in the pool water.

8. Clean Your Filter After You Brush

Your pool filter helps filter dirt and debris out of your pool. If you do not clean it after you brush the pool, the filter may become clogged and not work as well.

Let Us Help You

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