The need for constant maintenance is one of the main factors that stops many homeowners from pool remodeling Houston projects.  However, regular checkups and timely pool repair Houston can drastically reduce monthly repair expenses. If you already own a pool or are thinking of purchasing one, these are some of the repairs Manning Pool Service can handle for you.

Here Is a List of Pool Repair Houston Fixes That We Can Do

Repair Pump Issues

Your pool pump helps keep your pool clean and hygienic, making it one of the most important pieces of equipment in your pool. Several different parts can cause problems with your pool pump.

Fixing Bearings On Time

Pool cleaning with EquipmentThe most frequent problem with pool pumps is worn-out bearings. If you notice a whirring or other abnormal sounds coming from your pool pump, it may need pool repair Houston services. Fortunately, this repair can be done relatively quickly and cheaply.

Fixing Impellers That Can Be Repaired

Clogged impellers are another common pool pump issue. Large amounts of debris in the pool sometimes cause clogs. Sometimes loose nuts, washers, or diffuse bolts are the issue. If the impeller is not deformed or broken, it can usually be repaired. Otherwise, it will need to be replaced.

Fixing Pump Motors

Pump motors sometimes need pool repair because they burn out or overheat. A lack of regular maintenance often causes this. Additionally, power surges, bad bearings, poor circuits, or dehydration can damage the motor. If the motor shaft is not damaged, it may be repairable. Otherwise, it will probably need to be replaced.

Coping The Stones Of Your Pool

Coping is the capstone on the top of your pool wall used to finish the pool’s edge. Coping stones sometimes need pool repair Houston because of several common problems.

Fixing Loose Stones

Loose stones can be a safety issue. If you notice that your coping stones move when you stand on them, they may need repair. Loose stones can usually be reset by removing the existing mortar and replacing it; however, they may need to be replaced if the coping is cracked.

Fixing Crumbling Joints

Coping stone joints can crack and crumble. Small cracks may not cause problems, but large enough gaps to allow water can cause severe damage. If you are noticing cracks, it is best to have pool repair Houston fill them before they worsen.

Regular Pool Skimmers Maintenance

Pool skimmers help remove floating debris from pools. The skimmers need to be regularly maintained and may occasionally need pool repair Houston for several issues.

Cleaning Clogs

The skimmer pipe that attaches to your skimmers can become clogged with debris. You may be able to clear the clog yourself by using a plumbing snake or building up and releasing pressure in the line. If these methods don’t work, you will probably need a professional to do repairs.

Sealing Leaks

Pool Repair Houston Skimmers sometimes come loose from the concrete and leak. Apply an underwater silicone rubber or pool putty as a temporary repair before calling a pool remodeling professional.

Fixing Skimmer Lids & Weirs

These items are made from plastic and wear out with use and exposure to the sun and weather. A broken lid can create a safety hazard if someone steps on it, and the skimmer weir plays an important role in drawing debris into the skimmer. These items should be replaced if damaged.

Fixing Concrete and Gunite Developed Issues

Gunite and concrete are the two most common materials pools are made from the United States. These materials are durable but can develop issues.

Filling Small Plaster Coating Cracks

Small cracks in the plaster coating can usually be repaired by draining and then resurfacing the pool. Damages that are longer than one foot or penetrate the concrete or gunite may need to be widened, filled, and refinished.

Preventing Hollow Spots

Substrate materials can separate from the pool resulting in hollow spots. Because this leaves sections unsupported, bulges, spider web patterns, or divots may appear. These require pool repair Houston to be refilled and resurfaced.

Fixing Popping Up

Hydrostatic pressure from a high water table can cause a pool to pop out of the ground. This can be a serious problem that may result in the pool being unrepairable, so contact pool repair Houston immediately if you notice this problem.

Get in Contact With A Professional Pool Remodeling Company

If your pool has a problem, the sooner you get repairs done, the less chance of it developing into a larger and more expensive problem.  The team at Manning Pool Service are experts in pool equipment repair. Contact us at (713) 812-9098 or fill out our online form to schedule a pool repair.


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