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About Pearland, Texas

Pearland is a city in Texas that falls within Brazoria, Fort Bend, and Harris counties. It’s part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan statistical area, sitting about 21 miles from the center of Houston. The weather in Pearland is moderate during the winter months and hot during the summer months. Many of the properties in this area have swimming pools, allowing residents to stay comfortable when the temperatures and humidity levels go up.

Swimming Pool Service in Pearland

Having a pool at your Pearland, Texas, home is certainly appealing, but the cleaning and maintenance associated with pool ownership can put a damper on the fun. At Manning Pool Service, we offer swimming pool services to local property owners, helping them to maximize their enjoyment of their pools without having to spend their free time working outside. 


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Over 30 Years Experience

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We’ve been using Manning Pool Service for over 3 years, and they’re great. Honestly the 1 area of my house I know I never have to worry about because they’re so thorough, from cleaning to maintenance to repairs. Ryan is the best. He gives us detailed updates about our pool and what he’s done every week after he leaves. I can’t recommend them enough!

T. Allen

We moved into a new home in the Memorial area, never having owned a pool. Completely clueless! I found Manning Pool Services via Google and one of the first people I spoke to was Jeff. Within a day of calling, he and Patinos were at our home and were on it. We had to replace our pool heaters, lights, etc. They were all very professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our needs. Great company for your pool needs!

B. Naghavi

Available Pool Services

Although there are many providers of swimming pool services in the Pearland area, not all offer the same level of service and quality of work. Manning Pool Service is one of the leading pool service companies, and we’re dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your swimming pool. Each of our experienced maintenance technicians has undergone training in the proper care of a pool. We spend 45 minutes to an hour per pool to ensure a job well done. Our technicians are always friendly and courteous, treating your property with respect.

We specialize in a range of services, including:

Pool Repair Services

In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance, we provide pool repair services for our valued clients. If you’re having an issue with a component of your pool, we can get things up and running again. Our technicians specialize in in-ground swimming pools on both residential and commercial properties. Pool repair options include:

  • Leak detection and resolution.
  • Pool renovations.
  • Equipment replacement.
  • Heating equipment inspection and repair.
  • Filter cleaning and replacement. 

We can also perform repairs on other components, so don’t hesitate to contact us if any part of your pool equipment isn’t functioning properly. Our team includes certified technicians with a passion for helping clients with their most challenging pool issues. 

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Signs You Should Hire a Pool Remodeling Service | Manning Pool Service

Why Invest in Pool Service?

Pool owners who invest in professional cleaning and maintenance services have more time to enjoy their pools, rather than feeling like they add tasks to their to-do lists. When you’re not worrying about keeping the pool clean or testing the water levels, you can relax and have fun with your family while staying cool and comfortable. Our services make it easier to create memories in your swimming pool. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of the pool water and its components is essential in ensuring that it’s always safe for use. A dirty pool with algae growth and debris can present a safety hazard, rendering it unusable. By having our experienced technicians take over the cleaning and maintenance tasks, you can feel confident that the water will be ready for use whenever the mood strikes to take a dip.


Automated Cleaning Options

Keeping your pool clean between services might be a challenge, but we can add automated equipment that helps. An automated cleaning machine helps to sweep debris from the walls and floor of the pool, maintaining the cleanliness of the water. In addition to automated cleaning options, we offer other automation solutions for local pool owners, such as variable-speed pool pumps and one-touch automation controls. 

Pool automation comes with several appealing benefits:

  • Ease of use.
  • Knowing what your equipment is doing and when it’s operating.
  • Accessibility from anywhere.
  • Alerts on your device when something goes wrong.

You don’t have to open and close any valves, reset thermostats or clocks, or memorize operating sequences with automated pool equipment.


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Pool Remodeling

If your pool doesn’t meet your needs, our technicians can also transform the outdoor space. We offer professional pool remodeling services to both residential and commercial property owners in the area. Your pool might benefit from a remodeling service if it has cracks in the shell, excessive wear, or stains and rough spots on its surfaces. Rising repair bills can also indicate the need for pool remodeling.

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