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About Manning Pool Service in Stafford, Texas

Manning Pool Service is a family-owned and operated comprehensive swimming pool business that provides the No. 1 best service to Stafford and the surrounding area. Jeff Manning opened the company in 2001, and since then, we have provided decades of high-quality, family-oriented service since.

In 2020, management was passed down to the next generation of Mannings, and we’re excited to continue the legacy of constantly improving swimming pool experiences. Our family values extend to our employees, who share the company-wide priority of courtesy and customer service.


Why Use Manning Pool Service in Stafford, Texas

We offer the most cost-efficient services in the greater Houston area. We believe Stafford residents should receive the highest-quality pool services possible. That’s why we’re sure to hire professional, experienced technicians, who are all required to obtain a license in Certified Pool Operations by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

We have over 20 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and upgrading swimming pools. We’re proud of our stellar track record of providing excellent pool upkeep with kind and courteous service, and we’re always working to improve the quality of pool services in our hometown.


Find Out What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Pool Service in Stafford, TX

Over 30 Years Experience

A Family Owned & Operated Pool Company

We’ve been using Manning Pool Service for over 3 years, and they’re great. Honestly the 1 area of my house I know I never have to worry about because they’re so thorough, from cleaning to maintenance to repairs. Ryan is the best. He gives us detailed updates about our pool and what he’s done every week after he leaves. I can’t recommend them enough!

T. Allen

We moved into a new home in the Memorial area, never having owned a pool. Completely clueless! I found Manning Pool Services via Google and one of the first people I spoke to was Jeff. Within a day of calling, he and Patinos were at our home and were on it. We had to replace our pool heaters, lights, etc. They were all very professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond to our needs. Great company for your pool needs!

B. Naghavi

Housing Market in Stafford, Texas

Real estate in Stafford is booming. People are moving to Stafford because the city doesn’t levy non-school property taxes, and there are many stores and restaurants. Stafford is a great place to start a business, and with its 30-plus acres of green space it offers a great environment with a close-knit community feel.

It’s a Great Time for Stafford Residents To Invest in a Swimming Pool

The Stafford, Texas housing market is hot right now. Homes are selling at higher prices, and more homes are selling this year at faster rates. It’s expected that prices will continue to rise in 2022, so experts are saying that now is a good time to buy a house in the area. Now is also a good time to sell your house, as many homes are receiving multiple offers and selling above the list price.

Adding a pool to your home increases its value, and the Houston area has some of the highest rates in the country in which a swimming pool adds value to your home. A backyard swimming pool can add about $36,000 to your median-priced Stafford home.


Residential Pool
Pool Remodeling Expert

Boost Your Investment With Pool Maintenance and Renovations

To maximize your property value, you’ll want to maintain your pool. A damaged or dirty pool will not appeal to potential buyers. Luckily, Manning Pool Service can care for and repair your pool for you, so you can enjoy your backyard oasis and your increased property value without having to worry about maintenance. Plus, when you let us manage your pool, you’ll save on long-term cleaning and repair costs.

Buyers will feel good about a pool that won’t need costly repairs. To further boost your home’s value to potential buyers, consider upgrading to automated equipment, which will significantly lower maintenance and energy costs. Your backyard Stafford pool will be a great investment when it:

  • Is new or newly renovated.
  • Is resurfaced with easy-to-maintain PebbleTec® pool plaster.
  • Has been regularly maintained by a trusted company.
  • Has robotic cleaning technology.

In addition to the grown-up checklist that saves money and makes maintenance easy, there’s the wow-factor checklist, which can appeal to children and adults alike. Extra features that will boost your investment include:

  • Updated tiling work and mosaics on the ledge and in the pool.
  • Soothing fountains and waterfalls.
  • Basketball hoops, volleyball nets, slides, and diving boards.
  • Aesthetic lighting for swimming at night.
  • A patio area or deck to lounge by the pool.
  • A heater to extend the swimming season.
  • A slip-resistant pool-side for safety.

The Hottest Stafford, Texas, Neighborhoods

Stafford homes in popular neighborhoods will maximize their value in today’s market even further when they have a well-maintained pool. Close to parks, the Stafford Center, and Houston Community College at Stafford, some of the most popular Stafford neighborhoods include:

  • Fountain Lake Park area west of the Southwest Freeway, zip code 77477.
  • The Promenade at Stafford Run, zip code 77477.
  • Vaccaro Manor and Stafford Colony by Vaccaro Manor Park, zip code 77477.
Pool Renovation

Services by Manning Pool Service in Stafford, Texas

Manning Pool Service is equipped to bring comprehensive swimming pool services to your backyard in Stafford. From weekly maintenance to repairs to equipment upgrades, we have all your pool needs covered and then some. If you’re looking for a complete pool overhaul, we can help you design and achieve the backyard of your dreams.

Pool Maintenance in Missouri City Estates

We want to help you maintain the value of your investment by providing consistent and high-quality maintenance. In our routine cleaning service, we’ll regularly check your pool equipment and provide proper dosing of chemicals to keep your pool sanitary, spending 45 minutes to an hour to go above and beyond what most companies offer. We treat pools using the Langelier Saturation Index, or LSI, which will help keep your pool safe and crystal-clear all year.

We’ll recommend a proper filter cleaning schedule for you. In general, cartridge filters should be cleaned three to four times per year and diatomaceous earth twice a year. We’ll track your filter in our database and tell you when it’s time to be changed. To accommodate your schedule, we can set up access to your pool for our trusted employees, so they can service your pool while you’re out. By keeping your pool consistently clean, we will reduce maintenance costs for you while you enjoy your sparkling and safe swimming pool.

Pool cleaning with Equipment

Equipment Repair in Enclave at Stafford

Whether your pool equipment just has some wear and tear or if it’s severely damaged, we can repair it for you. All of our repair technicians have Residential Appliance Installer Licenses and are certified for all major equipment brands. You can check if your equipment is still under warranty on our equipment warranty claims page.

We can help you investigate leaks, upgrade pool plaster, reverse damage from freezing temperatures and storms, and address any other issues that come up. Whether the issue is the valves, pipes, equipment pads, or pump, our technicians will expertly and systematically diagnose and resolve any and all swimming pool problems.

Swimming Pool Renovation in Vacarpo Manor

When you’re seeing signs that your pool needs remodeling, we’re the number one choice to provide a high-quality renovation. Among our many remodeling services include pool replastering with PebbleTec®, concrete spraying, upgrading equipment such as filtration and pump systems, and introducing swimming pool automation systems. We’ll renovate your pool to suit your family’s needs and backyard aesthetic. You’ll choose among samples of each color and style, and we’ll do our work with your design preferences in mind.

Pool Automation in Kingsway

Automatic pool cleaners keep your pool sanitary between weekly cleanings by preventing bacterial growth and removing debris. This will make your weekly pool cleanings a breeze and reduce the need for future repairs. Plus, you can save on your energy bill. Stafford swimmers can save up to 90% in energy costs when they install Pentair Energy Star-certified pumps.

Automated pool systems give you ultimate control. You’ll always know what your equipment is doing. You’ll get alerts if anything goes wrong, and you’ll be able to control it all using intuitive buttons on your phone or a remote. Instead of spending your summer opening and closing valves and adjusting clocks and thermostats, you can operate your pool with a few taps while saving money on energy because the pool will only run when you want it to.

Inspections in Southmeadow

People who are buying or selling Stafford real estate with a pool can count on Manning Pool Services to provide a comprehensive assessment of the entire system. Buyers want to know that a pool has been well maintained, because worn-down or damaged equipment can require costly repairs. When a swimming pool is healthy and runs well, new buyers can enjoy the pool without worrying about anything beyond basic maintenance.

Whether you’re buying or selling, we can fill you in on the health of the entire system, including the decking, coping, plaster, drains and drain covers, lights, pipes, skimmers, safety equipment, and water chemistry. We’ll provide a written report that includes all these details and more, with photos, in one to two business days.


Weather Preparedness in Quailridge

The Greater Houston area is home to many sophisticated pool systems, and we’re here to help you protect your investments when seasonal weather and storms come to Stafford and threaten your equipment. Read in advance how to prepare your pool for hurricanes, floods, drought, power outages, and freezing temperatures, so you’ll be prepared when the time comes. If damage occurs, our expert repair technicians will come out to your home to help address the issue.

Swimming pool maintenance

Visit Manning Pool Service Today

Citizens of Stafford deserve the highest-quality pool care that the Greater Houston area can offer. Here at Manning Pool Service, we’re eager to provide you with the most thorough, courteous, and cost-effective swimming pool service you can find.

Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced and certified technicians can help you along every part of the pool owner’s journey, from buying and building to maintaining, repairing, and renovating, and finally, selling. When you hire Mannings, you become a part of our pool-loving family. Call us at 713-812-9098, and remember, you can TRUST US in your backyard.

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