Most pool service companies claim to be the best and you might be wondering which one to choose. So, how do you zero in on the best Houston pool service?

For one, the number of staff that a company has and how they are able to address customer issues are important factors in choosing a pool. Second, they should provide good service without ripping you off.

Here are some other frequently asked questions, answered by Maintenance Manager Alan Wiles to help you in hiring the right service.

When Do I Need to Hire a Pool Service Company?pool service, Houston pool service

You might have invested a lot of money and time in planning and building your dream pool. Obviously, you need to protect your investment and enjoy your pool to the fullest. However, that is only possible if you properly maintain your swimming pool.

Most people depend on a reputable company to give them the best service in pool maintenance. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • they don’t have the time
  • they don’t have the skills to do it
  • they’re wary of handling equipment or chemicals

In any case, most people prefer to hire a professional. In this case, you need to find the best service you can, rather than choosing a random company.

pool service, Houston pool serviceWhy Is Pool Maintenance Important?

Pool maintenance is very important if you plan on using your pool for a long time. You need to balance the water chemistry, check the water levels, avoid the pump from overheating and burning out.

The company you hire for pool maintenance must be adept at handling the job. They should be able to differentiate among the various needs of your pool.

Every pool is different and yours might require specific treatment. Some filtering systems need seasonal cleaning, instead of just back-washing at regular intervals. The service you hire has to employ the right process for these issues.

“Unexpected floods and high temperatures can cause major leaks in the pools, which go unnoticed without regular inspections.”

How to Choose the Right Pool Maintenance Companypool service, Houston pool service

Do your homework before you choose a pool maintenance company. The first thing you need to check is their background and experience. It is a difficult job to maintain a pool and improper care will pose a risk to you and your family. You only need the best to take care of yours.

The best Houston Pool service should have experienced professionals on its team. The more skilled the professionals are, the better service they provide. Some charge extravagant costs for nominal service. However, it is better to find a service within your budget. Research online on websites like Yelp for customer reviews.

Why This Is Important

Your pool might require specific pool maintenance for various reasons. Find out if the Houston Pool Service you’re looking at has worked on pools with similar requirements in the past.

Go through the background of the company and read reviews. Only then can you get a clear picture of their business. If there are many positive ratings, it means you can go ahead and hire them. But if you see tons of bad reviews, run!

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pool service, Houston pool serviceWhat Are the Other Things I Should Know About Pool Service?

Every pool maintenance company has to get relevant licenses and accreditation. These operating permits prove that they follow the area’s business and health standards. Before you hire a company, ask about what permits and licenses they have. They also might have special accreditation from professional organizations. Check the expiration dates of these permits.

Check if the pool inspectors have to be adept at pool inspections and installations. The staff must be highly skilled and follow certain health and safety guidelines.

Why This Is Important

Incorrect pool maintenance practices can be fatal to you and your family. Hence, make sure you hire a pool maintenance service that makes your pool safe for anyone to swim on your property.

Is it Strange That I Prefer to Hire a Service With Friendly Staff?pool service, Houston pool service

Actually, you are right to think this way. After you hire a company to take care of your pool, you might see them on a regular basis. Furthermore, you are trusting these personnel with the safety of your family. It helps to have friendly people on board.

“For your kids’ safety, cover your in-ground pool when summer ends and install a pool alarm.”

Why This Is Important

You might not know anything about pool safety. The staff must explain to you about the regular maintenance checks that you can do. They should be able to convey any additional instructions to you in a cordial manner. They must also be respectful to you and understand your requirements.

Should I Hire Another Service to Handle Repairs and Renovations?

You might hire the pool maintenance company just to clean or maintain your pool. However, it is better if they provide pool repair service as well. The pool service should have the proper equipment for all the necessary jobs. When you hire a cleaning company, make sure that they have the right equipment for all their services. Cleaning the pools needs nets, leaf traps, and other tools to check the filters and such.

Why This Is Important

Look for a company with experience in repairs, inspections and pool renovations. They can identify minor damages while cleaning your pool. They can also fix them immediately before they become major repairs. This saves you both time and money.

After every visit, make them write a full report of the services they performed.

After every visit, make them write a full report of the services they performed. It is important to include the chemical levels of the water in the pool each time they visit. By keeping tabs on the state of your pool, you will be able to take additional care of your safety.

Not all pools are equal, and so is the case with pool cleaning companies. Before you decide on a company, ask about the guarantee they offer. Check with your friends to get recommendations or browse online.

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