Did you know that swimming pools often experience water loss during the fall and winter? It’s true. Your pool still needs proper care and maintenance during the fall and winter months.

Did you know that water level issues are one of the biggest pool maintenance concerns for pool owners?

Read on below to find out more, like how to prevent water loss and protect your pool!

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Water Loss Can Damage Your Pool

Whether do-it-yourself or with a maintenance company, water loss can lead to serious equipment damage and bad water circulation, further hurting your pool.

If our team notices low water levels in your pool, we will let you know immediately. We always notify the homeowner about water level issues, as they are dangerous and require immediate attention.

Low water level is also a fire hazard. The pump motor might run “dry” (meaning there is air in the system) and catch fire. This can catch your other equipment and even your home on fire, leading to further damage and loss.

You don’t want that to happen, and neither do we! This is why it’s so important to keep an eye on your pool’s water level and fill it correctly.

Plus, a pump motor is expensive to repair if it burns out.

Equipment damage can occur if the pool is too low on water, but it can also occur if there is too much water in your pool. Make sure you’re keeping your pool at the correct water level consistently; we recommend checking it 3 to 4 times a week.

It’s very important to keep an eye on your water level.

Why Does Water Loss Happen in Fall and Winter?

During the cooler months of the year, it’s common for pools to experience water loss. If your pool’s water level is looking low, this may be why.

Water evaporation occurs year-round, no matter what season it is. However, it can be intensified by the elements in colder seasons, like fall and winter. Yes, even in Texas!

water loss

For example, ice, snow, leaves, water, and other debris can accumulate on top of your pool cover during this time. Over time, weight increases and forces the pool cover into the surface of the pool, which leads to water rising up over the sides of your pool. This is called displacement. To fix it, wait for a warm day and pump off the pool cover. Don’t try to remove the ice by yourself! The sharp edges of the ice can damage your pool cover.

Your pool heater is a big culprit for fall and winter water loss. We use pool heaters to warm up our pools and relax, but that relaxing heat allows water to escape as steam and evaporate.

The heat from the pumps running may look like a small impact at first glance, but it adds up quickly with 8-10 hours of run time. As the pumps move the water, the spinning impeller heats up, which raises the temperature of the water, leading to increased evaporation.

If you have waterfalls or sheer descents, the arc of the spillway shoots off water, which can splash out. In addition, some water turns into mist and floats away.

Does water evaporate more rapidly in autumn and winter?

Evaporation really depends on vapor pressure. The higher the temperature of the water, the higher the vapor pressure. As the temperature of your pool’s water gets colder, the differential pressure between the water and the air increases. This speeds up the rate of evaporation. In addition, lack of humidity and wintertime dry air can also increase evaporation rates. The humid air during the summer keeps more water in your pool.

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water lossHow to Prevent Water Loss in Fall and Winter

Regular pool maintenance is truly the best way to protect your pool from damage due to water loss.

You can also fit pool covers to help slow evaporation of water during the winter. Make sure your pool stays covered and inspect it often for possible leaks.

If water loss is rapid, you may have a leak. Contact a reputable pool maintenance company to repair the leaks quickly, or else you could risk further damage to your pool. An exceptional pool maintenance company will help you protect your pool and prevent complete drying out of your pool water.

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