Regular pool maintenance by a competent pool service is a must for your residential pool. It is not enough if you clear out the leaves or backwash your filter by yourself. Sometimes, as you dive into your pool, you might be doubting the water quality. Or, you might hear an unusual noise emerging from your pump. You should pay attention to these signs.

Read on to learn how you can spot the 3 signs which indicate you need Houston pool service. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, answered by Maintenance Manager David.

How Do I Know When to Hire a Pool Service?Houston pool service, pool service

The 3 biggest warning signs that your pool needs better maintenance are:

  1. Presence of algae and discolored water
  2. Improper functioning of pool equipment
  3. Water loss and leaks in the lining

If you spot any of these signs, then it’s time for you to hire a certified professional. Don’t just opt for any pool maintenance company; hire one that can provide pool automation and pool renovations, too.

Why is This Important

As long as you know the pool is completely safe and comfortable, you can enjoy the vast benefits of swimming. But once the water chemistry changes or your pool equipment don’t work properly, it is dangerous. Maintaining the health of your pool is very important for the safety of you and your family.

Houston pool service, pool serviceQ: Why Does the Water in My Pool Look So Cloudy?

Cloudy water in the pool suggests that it is unhealthy to swim in it. The water chemistry is not balanced and there might be major pollutants in the pool. Jumping into it with complete disregard for the water balance can be hazardous for your health.

Why Is This Important?

The surrounding mud or the change in pH level of the water might also make the pool murky. Swim only if the water is clear and there is no algae. However, it doesn’t mean there is proper balance in the chemistry. There might be harmful bacteria lurking in it. Get a professional to check it out first.

“It’s not just fall leaves, dirt, and debris – even pollen can damage your pool.”

Q: Whenever I Swim in the Pool, My Eyes Become Red and Start to Itch. Why is that?Houston pool service, pool service

If your eyes are itchy and red after a swim session, then it means the water is full of contaminants. This could be dirt and sweat which come from people who swim in the pool or from the environment. The presence of excessive chemicals can also cause eye irritation.

Why Is This Important?

Ignoring it can cause loss of eyesight in severe cases, or in minor incidents, it can cause infections. Also, this could be due to the failure of your pool equipment.

There could be some improper functioning of the pump, filter or other equipment. Likewise, it could also indicate that the water chemistry is not properly in balance. In either case, this is a sign that you must not ignore, for the sake of your safety and hygiene. It is high time your pool gets a thorough inspection from a trustworthy Houston pool service.


Houston pool service, pool service

“With pool automation systems, you can easily operate and control the lights and other features of the pool.”

Houston pool service, pool serviceQ: Why Is My Pump Making This Weird Rattling Noise?

If your pump starts to make new, loud noises, there could be something wrong with the filter. May be there are some pebbles and rocks stuck in the pump. Furthermore, if there are trees in the surrounding, there is a good chance that leaves and debris might get stuck in the pump.

Another reason could be the pipe seals have failed. Additionally, if the water is being still when the pump is working, it is time to get it repaired.

Why Is This Important?

You can remove the filter, empty the basket and wash everything off. But when you are not sure how to fix it, your safest bet is to hire a competent pool service.


Q: When Is the Right Time to Replace the Pool Liner?

Pool liners need proper care and maintenance and only show wear and tear after several years. However, the chemicals you use in the pool and weather conditions may cause it to deteriorate.

Why Is This Important?

If you notice wrinkles or cracks in the liner, spot them early on and fix then soon. The reason is that, if you fix it before it causes major damages, you can save your time and money.

Exposure to sunlight also causes stains and fading. Deterioration and cracking of the liner can cause water loss. If you need to add fresh water even during winter, you might have a leak. There may be small holes which you don’t notice. Nevertheless, if you see even an inch of decrease in the pool water level, it is better to get the liner fixed.

Q: How do I Take Care of my Pool Equipment?Houston pool service, pool service

How frequently you need to backwash your pool filter depends on your pool usage. In case your pool heater emits strange audible noises, it means that it might have broken. Frequent power surges could mean that it is time to replace your pump altogether, a repair might not fix it this time. The basket might have broken and full of debris. The presence of algae and overhanging trees mean you need to clean the equipment more often.

Why Is This Important?

Algae grows in many varieties, some are toxic and fatal. Although many have foul smells, many algae varieties are not visible. Nonetheless, stop yourself from jumping into the pool if you see discolored water.

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