Pool pump motor replacement is something that every pool owner wants to avoid. This one-piece can easily be the most expensive component of your filtration system. Good pool maintenance doesn’t just mean skimming, scrubbing, vaccuming, backwashing, and balancing the water chemistry. Good pool maintenance means maintaining adequate water levels in your home or commercial pool.

Fluctuations in Pool Water Level

When hot summer temps get up into the triple digits, over 100 degrees, the water in your pool is evaporating at approximately ¼” per day. Additionally, the more that your pool is used, the more water is splashed out. All told, you could be looking at a decrease in water levels of ½” to 1” for every day of active pool use.

After several days of high temperatures and continuous pool use, you could be looking at a 2”-4” drop in water levels. Ideally, the water level should be level with the midway point of the skimmer opening.

How to Avoid Pool Pump Motor Replacement

Remember, if your water level drops below the level of the skimmer opening, then the pump will continue to run without water. If this happens, then the motor will overheat and your pool pump will be ruined. And by ruined, we mean that you will need a pool pump motor replacement, and not just a simple pool repair.

What We Can Do to Help

As part of our regular five-star pool maintenance service, Manning Pool Service will fill your pool during the time it takes us to complete your pool maintenance. Depending on the size of the pool, however, we may not have enough time for the pool to fully fill to the middle of the skimmer line. In this case, we will let you know about the need to fill your pool.

What You Can Do to Help

But what about the middle of the week, in between your regularly scheduled pool maintenance appointments? This is where we need your help. We need you to monitor the water level in your pool. If it drops too low, we need you to fill it back up.

This is the simplest, easiest way to avoid costly pool pump motor replacement.

Ask the Pool Pump Motor Replacement Experts

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