Whether you live in an area that gets snow in the winter or reside in a more temperate climate, winter pool maintenance is essential. Properly maintaining your pool from the beginning can save you time, money, and frustration when next summer comes and you are ready to begin using your pool again. Protecting your pool from frigid temperatures and contaminated water during the winter months will help maintain your investment and prevent unneeded pool renovations Houston.

Although snow is rare in Texas, proper winter pool maintenance is still a necessity. Read below for more information on pool repair Houston, the importance of covering your pool, and maintaining the equipment in the winter months.

Maintain the Pool’s Cover

Pool WaterThe first step in winter pool maintenance is deciding whether you will close or cover your pool for the season. It is recommended that people live in areas with cold winters to close your pool after Memorial Day. This may mean covering your pool for the winter before temperatures fall under 30 degrees for Houston residents. If the weather forecast predicts snow in the coming days, it is best to open your pool cover. Covers may collapse under the heavyweight of snow and damage other parts of the pool in cold weather. You’ll also want to open your pool cover if heavy rain is predicted. Here’s what you should know about maintaining your pool cover in the winter:

  • The most important thing is to make sure your cover is securely attached to the pool. For an above ground pool, tightening the cable or adjusting the clips can help secure the cover. If you have an inground pool, ensure all safety components, including the blocks and bags, are in place.
  • Regularly remove water and debris such as plants, twigs, and leaves from your cover.
  • Use a sturdy rake to remove the snow from your pool cover consistently throughout the winter months. Be sure to call a professional to assist you if you need to remove ice or a large snow amount.

Watch the Pool’s Water Level

It is important to blow out and plug the plumbing lines before the colder winter months. If these two actions were completed properly, excess water should not get into the pump and filter system. However, if your area has been receiving a significant amount of precipitation, and you are worried about your pool’s water level, call a professional to assist. Never attempt to drain your pool by yourself. You could damage the pool and cause damage. Seek the advice of an experienced pool repair Houston company.

Maintain the Pool’s Water Chemistry

Pool TemperatureMost Houston residents do not completely drain the water from their pools for the colder months. Therefore, maintaining chemically, balanced water is important. Preventing balanced water chemistry can prevent waterlines, bacteria, algae, and other forms of contamination. Here’s what to know about maintaining your pool water during the winter months:

  • Regularly monitor your pool chemistry when it is not being used. Pool water test kits can be purchased inexpensively from most home improvement stores. Some kits include test strips that can be placed directly into the pool water. Pool water that’s not properly balanced can cause unsafe bacteria growth.
  • Get rid of all pool chemicals from the previous summer. Do not save these chemicals to use the following year as they lose their effectiveness after a year.
  • Purchase an enzyme product to utilize throughout the winter months. Enzyme products can break down contaminants and help stop an unsightly waterline ring from forming on the pool’s surface. This may also help extend your pool’s life and decrease the amount of cleaning you have to do in the spring.

Contact Manning Pool Service for Assistance Winterizing Your Pool

If you need assistance winterizing your pool, contact Manning Pool Service today. We offer a variety of pool repair Houston and pool remodeling Houston services. Our services are affordable, high-quality, and we always provide a free estimate before any work is performed. All of our technicians are trained to winterize pools and help maintain your pool cover or the water level or chemistry. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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