During the cold Texas winters, there is a greater need of keeping your pool clean and in good condition.

Proper pool maintenance not only makes the pool safer for your loved ones, but it also goes a long way in preventing expensive damages to your pool.

Here are some reasons to check your equipment regularly:

Upkeep of Pool Equipment

If you want to enjoy swimming come spring, ensure regular pool maintenance to keep the pool accessories and equipment functional. Remember, the pool pump, water filter, fittings, and heater remain exposed to the elements around the year.

Weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance activities like balancing the water chemistry, adding chemicals, etc. can save you from expensive pool repairs and replacements.

Prevents Pests From Invading Your Pool

Pool Maintenance Service

Furthermore, if you leave the pool unattended all through the winter months, pests and wild critters may make it a breeding or nesting place. At Manning Pool Service, we often receive calls from pool owners about pests who take shelter around the pool area like raccoons, possums, chipmunks, birds, and even frogs.

Our pool service specialist cleans out the water filters and gutters near the pool, including the removal of any pests. On the pool surface, microbial pests like bacteria, algae, and water bugs to large crawlies and varmints, are all covered under our scheduled maintenance plan. Our experts help you identify ways to eliminate and prevent any pest issues.

Keeps The Pool Water Clean

Water chemistry plays a critical role in pool maintenance. Here, we manage parameters like the pH, calcium hardness, organic content, temperature, alkalinity, and the concentration of chlorine. Pests can also influence water chemistry and make it unsafe for pool users.

Furthermore, during the winters, pipes often freeze and rupture. And in case your pool is not covered, debris and dirt collect in the pool water. Such poor maintenance can damage the pool and even clog the pipes and filter. By regularly cleaning the pool, you can remove these objects and keep the water clean to minimize damages. Or better yet, use a pool cover to keep sticks, debris, and other substances from entering the pool.

Winter Pool Maintenance

While the pool care doesn’t have to be as intensive in the winters, we recommend you conduct a periodic check on your pool. Assess the water chemistry and water levels. Check the pool cover. And to avoid any unexpected issues when you have to reopen the pool in the summers, follow the winter pool care tips below;

Install Pool Coverspool maintenance

In the winters, you use the pool less frequently than you do in the summers. It is thus advisable to drain some of the water and cover the pool. You can then inspect the covers once every 2-3 weeks. Covers are very useful to keep debris, dirt, and animals out of the pool water.

The pool covers protect the pool from damage. In case of rain and snow, we advise you to open the covers since most covers are not built to endure the heavy snow. During the rains, make sure to pump water off the covers so that it doesn’t collect. You don’t want to collect the rainwater and dump it right back into the pool later.

Maintain the Pool’s Water Level

In case you’re experiencing a little precipitation, there’s no need for concern. Since you winterized the pool, all the plumbing lines are plugged. Thus the water cannot get into the pool pump or filter.

But if the water level increases, you will need to drain the pool. However, we urge you not to drain the pool yourself. It is always better to get pool maintenance professionals to drain the water for you.

Monitor the Pool’s Water Chemistry

Try to keep the pool’s water chemistry in the desirable range. For this purpose, you can test the water every week. Since the water circulation is usually turned off in the winters, you probably don’t need to add chlorine until spring.

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Importance of Pool Maintenance in The Winters | Manning Pool Service – Houston, TX