Swimming season may be over, but this doesn’t mean pool cleaning responsibilities end with it. Of course, you want to keep your pool looking beautiful, clean and healthy all year round.

With proper pool maintenance, even in colder temperatures, you can avoid future issues with algae, corrosion, and buildup before the summer approaches.

For all you know, there’s nothing better than a staycation right in your backyard.

Why Pool Care Matters

If you want to close your pool at the end of the season, winterizing your pool is a great option. Doing so helps in:

  • Keeping your pool water safe and clean
  • Avoiding future health-related issues
  • Ensuring expensive equipment doesn’t get damaged

If you give your pool the care it needs, not only do you saving cleaning effort before summer arrives but also prevent your pool from getting damaged due to a lack of usage.

Here are our top 10 winter care tips for your pool:

pool pump systemPrevent the System from Freezing

Winter temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes and systems will be the first ones to bear the brunt of the cold.

The first step of pool cleaning is to drain all the water from the pump, pool heater, and filter. Removing excess water and drying out systems is crucial because accumulated water will expand when it freezes and cause your pipes to crack.

If you’re finding it difficult to winterize the system, you can call our Houston pool maintenance professionals who will take care of it for you.

Dry the Pool Cover

This important step in pool service is neglected by many homeowners. It’s vital that you tightly cover the pool so that no debris can creep into the pool. Remember to dry out your pool cover completely.

If water accumulates on top, it will freeze. When summer arrives, this same stagnant water will run down into the pool when you take the cover off.

Take periodic trips to the poolside to remove any dirt, leaves, branches or other debris that may have fallen on top. If you let these stay on till summer arrives, they will all fall in the pool when you take the cover off. All your pool cleaning efforts will go to waste, and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Winter Pool CoverMake Sure the Pool Cover Fits

Life is easier when you can open up your pool in the summer without groaning about cleaning it once again. The right pool cleaning service will also ensure to keep the water clean during the whole winter season.

Having a perfectly fitting pool cover is crucial in achieving this feat. An unfitting pool cover will easily invite not just dirt and debris but also tiny animals.

Add Mid-Winter Algaecide

Since your pool will be closed for several months, it’s essential to add a mid-winter algaecide that stays in the water for that long. This helps cut down additional pool cleaning by keeping the gross green algae at bay.

Let the pump circulate it through the pool for at least 24 hours to ensure it has incorporated well. When spring arrives, your pool will be free of any green goo.

Reduce the Water Level

In the summer, water evaporates. But that’s not the case in the winter. Freezing water can cause cracks on your tiles.

Hence, a basic pool cleaning tip is to reduce the water level about one to six inches below the skimmer.

Don’t drain your pool out entirely because that can also cause damage. Just ensure the water stays below the tiles.

Swimming Pool Chemicals in a test tube near a pool

Adding Chemicals

Once you’ve cleaned your pool, add enzyme and chlorine. The enzyme will break down contaminants that may eventually make their way into the pool.

It also prevents that detestable waterline ring, thus saving you from excess pool cleaning work. The chlorine will keep the water clean until summertime. But there’s an additional step. When spring arrives, add some liquid chlorine by opening a corner of your pool cover.

Store Pool Accessories Away

Keep all your pool accessories and equipment in a dry place and away from sunlight. If you leave them lying around in the pool or somewhere where there are chemicals, it can cause damage.

Check the Pool at Regular Intervals

As part of good pool maintenance, check the water level in the pool once every month for any leaks. If your pool is above ground, you will also have to check the cover periodically to prevent it from falling inside. Use an air pillow to protect it from weather damage and keep debris aside.

Focus on the Weather

Depending on the weather in your area, you may have to tweak your pool cleaning methods. The weather will decide whether you need to reduce or increase the number of chemicals.

Additionally, if there has been unexpected rain, the water may have become diluted. So, ensure you add in some more chemicals to balance it.

Open Early

The longer you leave the pool closed, the higher the chances of algae and bacteria to thrive. Winter months are long and it’s better to start preparing in advance.

Don’t wait for the weather to turn warm before you take the covers off. Start your summer prep even while the weather is a little chilly. This will save extra pool cleaning work.

Follow these winter care tips to keep your pool clean and for a hassle-free early summer.

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