The sun’s shining. Temperatures are rising. Are you ready to summertime prep with Houston pool maintenance?

Pool season has arrived, and you’re looking forward to swimming again. But there you are, out on the deck, staring at your pool cover, wondering how to get the gunk removed.

Well, there is a lot that goes into a pool opening process once you whisk off that winter cover. An extra set of professional hands is a big help in getting your pool summer ready. Our expert team at Manning Pool Service is at your service, making sure you swim in crystal-clear water throughout this season.

Let’s read more on how to get your pool ready for summer.

Houston pool maintenance

Clear the Pool Surroundings

Houston pool maintenance

Before you open your pool for the season, make sure you clean the surrounding area.

If you find any trees with overhanging branches nearby, they are bound to shed leaves into the pool once you remove the cover.

So, prune these branches away and clear all the debris from your planting beds, patio, and the pool deck before unfolding the pool cover.

“Pay attention to the pool surroundings before cleaning the pool.”

Clean and Remove the Pool Cover

Over time, dead leaves, dirt, and debris accumulate on your winter pool cover. Sweep them away or vacuum it clean.

Then, carefully remove the pool cover without damaging it.  Place the cover flat on the ground, giving it a gentle scrub with a soft brush. Inspect it to see if it is torn or damaged. If its not in good condition, now is the time to replace it.

You can also use a car wash soap to wash off any dirt. Let the cover dry properly and then store it in a sealed container where it will remain safe from any rodents or bugs.

Remove Winterization Mode

When you closed off your pool for the winter, you might have installed winter plugs and added antifreeze. Make sure that the water is clear of antifreeze, then remove the winter plugs from the skimmers and return lines.

After you empty the water tubes, re-attach the drain plugs for equipment like the pool heater, pump, filter, and others. Next, re-install the valves and pressure gauges.

Houston pool maintenance

Reconnect the Pool and Deck Equipment

Reconnect all pool and deck equipment that you might have removed from the pool deck. These items include handrails, pool safety grabs, diving boards, or water slides.

Houston pool maintenance
  • First, clean and polish them before securing them tightly onto the deck.
  • Second, spray a metal lubricant onto the bolts.
  • Next, reconnect your pool equipment and check if it’s functioning correctly. The apparatus usually includes pool filtration, heating, and circulation systems.
  • Inspect them for damages or leaks in the wires or pipes. If you see any, shut off the power immediately; otherwise, you are good to go.
  • Prime the pump and let the pool system run.

For a smooth, hassle free process, contact a pool professional for your Houston pool maintenance.

“Inspect the damages and reconnect the equipment.”

Add Water and Shock the Pool

The right level of water in your pool is at the middle of your skimmer. Once you get the water at the desired level, start cleaning the pool. With a pool net skimmer, pick up the twigs or leaves from the bottom of your pool.

Then, use a pool brush to scrub off the sidewalls and the bottom surface to remove algae and discoloration. If the pool water is still cloudy, you may use pool shock. This way, you can get rid of harmful microorganisms and other residual contaminants from the winter.

Don’t Forget to Test the Pool Chemistry

Houston pool maintenance

If your pool water is visibly clear, don’t assume that it is safe to swim in. Before you make a dip, you need to ensure that the water chemistry is balanced.

Whether you have a saltwater pool or freshwater pool, each has its safe levels of pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and chlorine.

You can use a pool test kit to check a water sample for any imbalances. Or, to make it easier for you and to be thorough, hire a Houston pool maintenance expert who can come in and test the water chemistry.

Don’t Pump the Water Completely to Clean Your Pool

If you see that your pool is full of dirty water, your instinct may be to drain it entirely and then clean it. However, if you do so, the normal amount of water will not be available to weigh the pool down. As a result, there is a risk that your pool might pop out of the ground.

Such severe problems might require you to get a total replacement of your pool. Therefore, even if your pool is filthy, it is advisable to clean it as usual and keep using the pool filter until everything clears off.

“A huge part of getting your pool ready for the swim season is to check if it is good shape.”

Get Your Pool in Shape

Houston pool maintenance

Fixing any chips or indentations, or applying plaster should be done to prevent any bigger problems later.

Checking the wires, plumbing, housing, and lighting fixtures is obvious, but you also need to ensure that your pool looks good, too.

However, you may want to check whether you need a pool upgrade. Ask yourself:

  • Is this look what I want for this summer?
  • How long has it been since I added any exciting new elements to my pool?

It could be an extra feature that spices up your pool time, automation features, or new landscaping for your open pool area. With simple additions, you can transform your pool into a beautiful backyard retreat.

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Houston pool maintenance

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