A preventive maintenance program from your Houston pool cleaning company is the key to maintaining a healthy pool environment.

Having your own swimming pool is great, but what about its maintenance? While DIY may seem like a good idea, you may get busy with kids, work, after-school schedules, and other things thereby neglecting your pool maintenance which may lead to higher repair costs later. Also, certain deep cleaning aspects are best handled by a professional pool cleaning company.

At Manning Pool Service your family’s safety is our No. 1 concern. Your pool is your backyard oasis and it should never be unsafe, and caring for it shouldn’t be stressful. We are committed pool professionals who go above and beyond in an effort to make your life easy and relaxed.

We also understand your concern about chemical overdosing in pool water. Hence, we are very particular about maintaining pool chemistry. We make sure that it stays within the industry standards, so your pool is safe for both the health of your family and pets.

Here are some tips on keeping your pool healthy:

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Check the Pool Chemistry

Pool chemistry is a vital aspect in maintaining your pool. The pH of your pool water needs to be in the correct range – 7.0 to 7.6 – otherwise, the chlorine cannot sanitize the water properly or kill algae growth.

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You may notice a high pool pH when the water appears to become cloudy. Your skin gets dry and itchy or burns, especially your eyes and nose.

A high pH also leads to excessive carbonation leading to the formation of scales at the edges of the pool.

Similarly, a low pool pH means the chlorine in the water evaporates too fast to sanitize the pool water. Common indicators include metal corroding around ladders, pools, and pipes, pool surface becoming rough, and algae growth.

“Optimal swimming comfort and a healthy pool depend on maintaining your pool chemistry.

Keep Pool Circulation in Good Shape

When your pool filter Seasonal is in good shape, it keeps the water clean and circulating. Hence, regularly clean your filters by soaking them in a 10% solution of TSP (Trisodium phosphate) or muriatic acid solution.

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Similarly, the pool skimmers catch the dirt, debris, and leaves that enter your pool’s surface. Therefore, clean out the skimmer baskets in your pool weekly.

On your pool pump, there is a hair and lint filter which you should clean every other week. Otherwise, if there is an overly high chlorine level in the pool, this can also cause possible clogging.

The water level has to be at the center of the pool tile and skimmer. If it is higher than that, the skimmer doesn’t work properly. On the other hand, if the water level is too low, the pump can burn up.

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Regular Pool Cleaning

Once you make sure your pool is circulating well, Houston pool cleaning becomes easier.  Still, your pool receives other types of contaminants with runoff water, wind, animal life, and pool users.

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For example, hair products or perfumes leave a residue in water. Other things ending up in the pool include hair, dry leaves, or dead insects. All these leads to dirty water and bacterial contamination.

Simple tools to keep your pool clean include your net skimmer, pool brush, and vacuum. Net skimmer is used to remove fallen leaves and debris from the pool. A pool brush can be used to gently scrub off any scum lines or while deposit lines around pool tiles.Use a vacuum by attaching it to the filter system to clear the cloudy water in the pool more quickly.

“Clean your pool on a regular basis, ideally once a week.”

Another method to keeping your pool sparkling clean is using baking soda paste. The soda acts as a cleaning agent on the vinyl liner or tiles which can otherwise get damaged with a brush.

Or, you could toss in a tennis ball into the skimmer basket, or wrap it with a pantyhose. The pantyhose acts as an extra filter and catches very fine contaminants, whereas the tennis ball can absorb oils from the pool surface.

Shock the Pool

In addition to sanitizing, you need to shock the pool to ensure that the water stays clean. Especially when there are too many people using the pool or even after a rainstorm, the water tends to get cloudy.

“Algae can cause damage to the pool tile, walls, and make the entire pool environment unhygienic.”

Shock your pool once a week, or at least once every other week. After this, keep the pump switched on for a minimum of eight hours so that the water gets circulated.

Get Pool Inspection Done Regularly

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In addition to the above, there is one more important thing you must do. Rather than fixing a problem when it shows up, take some preventive measures and plan ahead.

Monitor the pool sidewall and the pool tiles. Sometimes scum lines form on the sidewall due to a rise in pH levels. That’s when you can see the calcium deposits on the pool tiles, too.

Also look for cracks between the pool tile and the deck. Altogether if you see any, immediately apply caulk. Otherwise, the pool water migrates to the underside of the deck.

From time to time, do a visual inspection of the pool, the equipment, and water clarity. Check if there are any abnormal odors.

If the water is not crystal clear, it could mean that:

  • The cleaning system is not working as it should.
  • The bottom drain may be clogged.
  • The hose cleaner is not working well.

Smelling something odd could indicate:

  • Bacteria and algae are growing in the pool.
  • Harsh chemicals or fertilizers are present in the pool.
  • Bird droppings or animal wastes are entering the pool.

Inspections help you steer clear of any breakdowns and unexpected expenses.

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