What a Houston Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Company Can Do for You

A Houston swimming pool cleaning service company can do many great things for you this summer. Don’t believe us? From putting your pool on autopilot to staying safe, here’s a list of our top five.


From recording our favorite TV shows, to getting updates about the latest Air Jordans, or getting rush hour traffic reports before we leave work, we can’t seem to get enough automation in our lives these days. And if we can automate the fun things, then who’s to say we can’t automate our chores as well. Instead of having to remember to clean your pool, why not set your pool cleaning on automatic?

When you hire a swimming pool cleaning service company, it’s almost like putting your pool on autopilot.

Take a Break

For many people the summer season is also known as the summer vacation. And who wants to spend an hour or more every week of their vacation skimming, scrubbing, vacuuming, and backwashing the pool? Relax. Take a break. Kick your feet up and let someone else do the dirty work.

Get Out of the Heat

Spoiler alert: Houston is HOT! Sometimes so hot that heat exhaustion, sun poisoning, and sun burn can be a very real threat. Do you have health issues, or think you’re at risk for skin cancer? Then spending the extra time outside every week to clean your pool just isn’t worth it. Let the pros battle those scorching rays while you sit in the shade and reap the rewards of their work.


If you’ve got kids of any age, the last thing you want at home is a store of highly toxic chemicals. The chemicals commonly used to treat, clean, and keep your pool sparkling clean can be dangerous if not stored properly. Even if you have a safe, locked storage place for your chlorine, shock, and other common pool supplies, there’s still a risk of mishandling or accidents that can result in chemicals burns.

Be More Productive

There are 22 weeks between May and September, the typical Houston pool cleaning season. Not counting the time spent buying supplies, that’s at least 22 hours that you could use to do something more productive than cleaning your pool. That’s enough time to read two good books. Watch two seasons of Game of Thrones. Or cultivate a flower or vegetable garden in your backyard. Needless to say, we’re sure there’s something more productive you could be doing than cleaning your pool every week.

A Houston Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Company for You

Manning Pool Service has been providing Houston with reliable, friendly swimming pool cleaning services for homes and businesses for over fifteen years. Our staff of expert pool technicians are trained to deliver high quality pool cleaning services and customers service to meet the needs of Houston’s diverse community of home and business owners.

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