Now that winter is coming to a close, it’s a good time to think about investing in Houston pool cleaning services. Pool cleaning companies in Houston talk about maintenance and cleaning services all the time, but what does that really include? If you’re paying for pool cleaning services, you deserve to know where your money is going. Here, we’ll break down the three crucial aspects of a thorough pool maintenance and cleaning service.

Pool Cleaning 101

Why Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Is Important

Proper pool cleaning and maintenance ensures that your swimming pool stays beautiful, runs efficiently, and remains clean and healthy for as long as possible. Routine cleaning and maintenance are absolutely essential to prevent costly repairs, for reasons we’ll explain in detail below.

Still, pool cleaning and maintenance can be very time-consuming. Very few people have the time, energy, or know-how to regularly clean their pool. And with the summer quickly approaching, you’d much rather be swimming in your pool than cleaning it! This is a big reason why many Houston homeowners choose a pool cleaning company in Houston to do the hard work for them!

A Routine Pool-Cleaning Process

Manning is committed to providing our customers with the best pool cleaning and maintenance service in Houston. Our service comprises a multipoint swimming pool cleaning procedure covering three categories, all of which we consider crucial to keeping a pool clean, attractive, and safe. We’ll try to cover everything below, but our cleaning procedure is even more thorough than this list. To learn more, please give us a call.

Our Multipoint Swimming Pool Cleaning Procedure includes:

Pool Cleaning

  • Skim: We sweep the entire surface of your pool to remove all traces of debris.
  • Remove debris: You won’t find any wet detritus on your lawn or in your trash can. We capture all your pool’s debris in a container and remove it from your property. 
  • Brush: We thoroughly brush all sides and steps of your pool. This is often overlooked by novice pool cleaners, but it’s critically important because algae can develop in these places. And an algae problem is much easier to prevent than it is to eliminate.
  • Vacuum: We meticulously vacuum your pool, being careful to remove all sediment and debris. We employ top-of-the-line Hammer-Head commercial pool vacuums for optimal cleanliness.

Pool Maintenance

  • Chem test: Weather, seasonal changes, and the environment around your home can affect your pool’s chemical composition. We methodically test your pool’s chemical makeup and, if necessary, make appropriate corrections to balance the water chemistry.
  • Valve check: Most people don’t know what a pool valve is, let alone what it does. Pool valves are crucial for controlling the flow of water to and from your pool, and they require regular maintenance. During each pool cleaning, we check your pool valves for any damage or blockage, and we rotate them to make sure they’re working as expected.
  • Filter rinse: This is the main line of defense between your pool and the environment. When your filter is doing its job properly, it helps keep your pool clean. But filters can get clogged, so it’s important to backwash the filter to remove any trapped debris. We do this with every visit and, if needed, we also add diatomaceous earth (or DE) to replenish your filter.

Pool Inspection

  • Water level: Maintaining an adequate water level ensures that your pool’s water circulation and filtration systems will work properly. If the water level is too high or low, it could make these systems ineffective or even damage them. Manning Pool Service will check your pool’s water level with each cleaning and notify you if water is needed.
  • Filter pressure: All pool filters have an optimal pressure range that allows them to work reliably and efficiently. That’s why we assess your pool’s filter pressure with each visit. We can also perform a filter cleaning, if necessary. We recommend pool owners conduct a filter cleaning at least twice a year for optimal performance.

When we’ve finished all the steps of our multipoint swimming pool cleaning procedure, we’ll submit a progress report to you through email or leave it on your door so you are kept in the loop about all our cleaning visits.

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