• Proper pool maintenance is vital.

  • Don’t do it yourself (DIY)!

  • Hire the experts to do it for you.

As we’ve discussed in our blog posts before, proper pool maintenance from a Houston pool cleaning company is vital to keeping your swimming pool clean, healthy, and working correctly. While it is true that some DIY their maintenance, Manning Pool Service strongly advises our clients against doing this. We recommend utilizing a Houston pool cleaning company like Manning to do the work for you. There are many reasons we recommend this course of action.

Pool Maintenance Is More Work Than You Think

Pool maintenance, when done properly, is not quick and easy. That is a myth. In fact, it requires a good amount of knowledge regarding chemicals, equipment, and pools themselves. If you don’t understand how they operate or why you are doing these things, doing your own maintenance is not a good idea. Thankfully, the experts at Manning Pool Service offer an affordable weekly maintenance package!

This maintenance package is comprised of a multipoint swimming pool cleaning and maintenance procedure. The entirety of the procedure is much too thorough to list fully, but includes the following very important steps:

  • Skim the surface of the pool for leaves and debris.
  • Dump debris from skimmers into a container. Instead of leaving it in your flower bed or trash can, we take all debris away with us!
  • Brush the sides and steps of the pool/spa for algae.
  • Vacuum the bottom for sediment and debris. We use “Hammer Head” vacuums for optimal efficiency.
  • Test and correct the water chemistry.
  • Check the equipment for leaks or wear and tear.
  • Rotate and check valves.
  • Backwash the filter and add DE as needed.
  • Monitor the pool’s water level and notify homeowner if water is needed.
  • Monitor the pressure of the filter. We will recommend a filter clean at least twice a year for optimal performance.
  • Send a document with communication and suggestions on each service visit. Here at Manning, we email a “digital doorhanger” to our customers with this information, saving on paper waste and giving them access to the resuts even if they are not home at the time of service.
  • For salt cell systems, quarterly cleaning is included.
  • We adjust the chemical application to each unique pool, and according to the weather and season of the year.

There is much more that goes into pool maintenance, so if you’re not sure where to start, call the experts at Manning. We are masters of everything pool and can provide you with expert knowledge-based quality work.

“Do YOU know what the best solution is for each and every problem that comes up?”

Doing it Yourself (DIY) Is Time-Consuming and Takes Effort

  • Takes away time from family and friends
  • Takes a lot of time and energy
  • Becomes a source of stress

If you have ever owned a pool, you know that performing maintenance and cleaning takes up a lot of time, especially if you are new to it. After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to have to do when you get home is mess with pool maintenance. Even the weekends can be super busy, with family events, soccer games, running errands, and more. Who has the time to really do proper maintenance every single week? And what if you get ill or injured or go on vacation? A Houston pool cleaning company can take that stress away. Hire our team and experience peace of mind knowing your pool is taken care of. Instead of spending hours working on your pool, call Manning and hire us to do it for you. You can sit back and relax with friends and family while we take care of your pool maintenance.

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Storing Chemicals in Your Home Is Dangerous

  • Can lead to burns and severe injury if mixed incorrectly
  • Can harm pets
  • Can lead to injury or death if kids get into it

Storing chemicals in your home can be very dangerous, especially with pets or small children around. If you are not knowledgeable about pool chemicals, it can be very easy to injure yourself. People who are inexperienced often end up getting burns or other injuries due to mixing chemicals in the wrong way. If your kids or pets somehow find and get into chemicals stored for your pool, it could cost them their lives or a trip to the hospital. Don’t take that chance! Leave chemicals out of your home and allow a Houston pool cleaning company to deal with them instead. By hiring a Houston pool cleaning company like Manning Pool Service, you won’t have to store dangerous chemicals in your home. Our team carries all the tools and chemicals needed for proper maintenance and will not leave them lying around. When they’re done, the chemicals and tools go with them, leaving your home free of the risk of dangerous chemicals!

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Do You Like Saving Money?

  • Hiring professionals will save you money long-term and prevent damage to your pool
  • Messing up pool maintenance yourself can lead to expensive repairs

If you’ve been exposed to Manning Pool Services’ marketing, it’s time to recognize the importance of taking decisive action. Opting for a professional pool cleaning company in Houston is the smart choice if you’re a fan of saving money and safeguarding your pool investment. Attempting DIY pool maintenance without the necessary experience can spell trouble. Why risk damaging your precious pool? Do you possess the expertise to determine the optimal solution for every pool-related issue that may arise?

Improperly executed cleaning and maintenance can result in costly damage, necessitating expensive repairs. If you believe that DIY efforts will translate into long-term savings, think again. Such an approach only increases the likelihood of harming your pool, leading to potentially substantial financial consequences down the line. Instead of fretting over the prospect of costly repairs, take the proactive step of reaching out to the professionals from the outset.

By doing so, you can rest assured that your pool will be expertly cared for, ultimately saving you money over time. Expertly balanced chemicals and efficiently running equipment are the keys to reducing the overall cost of pool maintenance. Don’t delay any further; entrust your pool’s well-being to the experts at Manning Pool Services and secure your financial peace of mind.

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