When you winterize your pool properly, it keeps it in good condition. After removing all dirt, debris and leaves, a good pool service team can help you determine the proper size winter cover and leaf net for the pool.

Here we have some important tips on how to maintain your pool in the winter.

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Why Do You Need to Winterize Your Pool?

Closing of public swimming pools in winter is common. But you need to take care of your own pool too. You can’t just close it and change the water the next year. You can get the required assistance from a great Houston pool service, who can take care of complete winter care.

Why This is Important

You use the pool all summer and debris like twigs, leaves, bugs or more end up in it. You regularly clean the pool and won’t let the debris settle in. But any debris that enters before you close the pool, stays there and decays the pool. It could clog the skimmer or change the water chemistry.

When you open your pool covers again, you need to make it convenient to swim. That requires a lot of work and usage of more chemicals. There could be damages you must repair. All in all, you have to put in more effort to make the water pristine and the pool swimmable.

Hence, pay good attention to winter pool maintenance and avoid unnecessary issues. Take preventive measures and save your time, energy and money.

When Is the Right Time to Close Your Pool?winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool service

Swimming is a beneficial exercise. Many homeowners use their pools all year round. If you want to use your pool in winter also, then you must invest in pool heaters. But if you close the pool for winter, you must know when to do it. Typically, the right time for closing the pool depends on the local temperature.

Why This is Important

“When” is as important as “how” to winterize your pool, although Houston’s temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees. Cooler temperatures make the pool inhospitable to algae. However, you need to use a solid cover for the pool to keep out the sunlight.

How To Close Your Pool winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool service?

Proper pool maintenance depends on the prevention measures you take. For instance, water tends to freeze, which can cause damage. So, you need to remove water to avoid this. Always cover the pool in winter, when you are not using it throughout the season. Closing the pool will prevent any drowning accidents. Moreover, it will act as a barrier for the debris from falling in.

Why This is Important

If it is a relatively warm place during the off season, you don’t need to worry about freeze prevention. You can run the pool even in winter by using the pool pump. But if the place is of a cooler weather, water gets frozen. The pump gets damaged from ice. To avoid this, you need to remove the water.

winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool service

winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool serviceHow to Check the Water Level?

In summer temperatures, the water in the pool evaporates quickly. Furthermore, if you use the pool more often, the water splashes out and its levels reduce. Eventually, it might be just at the midway of the skimmer opening or even lower. If this happens, the pump will still run, but motor gets overheated. This ruins the pool pump and you need to get a total replacement from the pool service. But sometimes, you need to lower the water levels yourself.

Why This is Important

Lower the water level if you have tiles around the top of the pool near the water line. The reason for doing this that the water when frozen, expands outwardly and cracks the tile. The water can stay at the normal level if you empty the pipes using high powered compressors. Moreover, the pool cover will stay put if the water is at a higher level.

Should You Use Chemicals for the Pool?winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool service

You might need to use algaecide and antifreeze for your pool, if needed. But use them only if there is still water left in the pipes. Additionally, you need to maintain the water alkalinity and pH. You should balance the water chemistry by putting in some additives. This will prevent any complications. For proper maintenance of your pool, contact the best service provider. Some people acid wash their filter, but it is better to do it when you open the pool, rather than in winter.

Why This is Important

If you clean your filter in winter, the acid stays there for almost six months, which could damage it. But doing it in spring is better as the acid gets washed away with running pool water.

 “CDC recommends pH 7.2–7.8 and a free chlorine concentration of at least 1 ppm in pools.”

How to Clean the Pool?

Many people prefer to vacuum the pool only when they open it in springtime. In case the pool cover caves in and you have a bad winter, leaves and twigs fall into the pool. So, they prefer to vacuum it just once, in the spring. However, you must not close the pool with debris lying in it.

Why This Is Important

Debris and leaves in your closed pool are not only safety issue, but they damage the pool. They form stains that are hard to remove. Also, algae builds up in the pool as the leaves rot and decay, and the water turns green. This becomes unhygienic to anyone who swims here. Not to mention, the pool equipment gets ruined.

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winterize your pool, pool service, Houston pool service

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