Say Goodbye to Unwanted Leaves

As winter approaches, don’t let the falling leaves in the pool make your water look like a mess. Let Manning Pool Service take care of your mess for you. There’s reasons as to why you shouldn’t let your pool become a cemetery for fallen leaves.

A Hot Mess

Let’s be real. Did you ever go to a friend’s house and see their pool covered with old leaves? It looked like a mess, didn’t it? The sight of old soggy leaves floating on top of a pool kind of gave you a bit of the creeps. Hey, it would look great for a horror film, or even in the Upside Down, alternate dimension. But your backyard isn’t any of those things. In fact, you back yard should look like a winter wonderland. From icky soggy leaves to that haunting green water, your pool just looks like a hot mess. Don’t let it get to a hot mess. Let us help you by cleaning out the leaves before it even gets close to a leaf graveyard.

Algae Mania

Although green looks nice for a backyard, green does not look good in a pool. Houston weather is unpredicatble, which means hot and cool days. Sometimes the weather is not cold enough to stop algae growth. With decaying leaves floating around, they can cause a build up of algae. Not only does algae make your water green, but it can also cause more problems. Algae can get into unwanted places, including rough spots in your plaster or tiles. After a while, it can degrade and stain surfaces, which will add up in expenses for repair costs. Not only can you get apparance issues, but it can also bring unwanted and dangerous bacteria that can make your or any of your guests sick. Don’t let something like unwanted leaves become an issue.

Clean the Leaves in the Pool Before You Cover it

If you do plan on covering your pool for winter, do not leave unwanted leaves in the pool. This becomes more of a safety issue than anything else. This has to go back to algae, but it’s more of a bacteria issue than anything else. Yes, algae will stain your floor and walls if you do leave it in there for too long. But it becomes more than that. As the leaves decay and the algae builds up, the bacteria continue to multiply. If you close your pool before cleaning it, it can harbor bacteria like E-coli. They can hide behind the light, or in little cracks, which makes it slightly harder to get rid of. Don’t let that happen.

Contact Manning Pool Service to Clean Out the Leaves in Your Pool

Stop leaves before they become a bigger hassle. Whether you want to close up your pool for the winter or keep it open, it is always safe to clean it up. From a hot mess to algae mania, cleaning up leaves is very important. Call us today at [phone] or contact us today for a free pool maintenance quote. Don’t let leaves create a problem.

Don’t Leave Your Leaves in the Pool this Winter | Manning Pool Service, Houston TX