Play Safe and Have Fun

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, pool games are always fun to play. The pool is a place to enjoy yourself and feel relaxed. Playing games is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy your time with friends and family. The problem is what kind of games would you play? The good thing is that there are plenty of pool games for you to enjoy this summer.
  1. Become a Mermaid

    At one point in time, whether you were a child or even now, you might have wanted to be a mermaid. Imagine feeling like a majestic sea creature. You can’t transform yourself into a mermaid, but you can use your imagination. With your kids, you can race with each other and swim like a mermaid (or a dolphin). Race each other and see who can reach the other end the quickest.

  2. Sword fight

    If you have pool noodles, use them as swords. Hit them on the water to also create a splash against your opponent. Make it more fun and use your imagination and turn a noodle into a horse. Sit on one like a horse and then kick the water to turn your noodle into a running steed. Then, with the other needle in hand, fight your opponent and save the pool! Talk about taking jousting to the next level!

  3. Whirlpool

    Creating a whirlpool is fun, especially in the spa. Find a small space of water and then grab your children or friends. From there, run together in one direction to get the water flowing. Increase the speed to make the water go faster. Once you feel the water keeping a steady speed, either go with the current or run the other direction.

  4. Scuba Diving

    No, this doesn’t require any equipment. But, this is a great game to play in the evening. Find a glow stick and make it glow. Then, when the light starts to create a soft glow, throw it into the pool. Jump in and have your friend or child time you to see how quickly you can get the glow stick. At the end, see who got the glow stick the quickest!

  5. Water Bending

    If you’re familiar with the show Avatar: The Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra, then you’d know all about water bending. Of course, if you don’t, that’s okay! The great thing is you don’t have to be a water bender to play this pool game. All you need is your body and a mass amount of water. You and your opponent face each other in the water. Make swift motions, similar to karate, and push the water in their direction. Have a water bending battle in your own pool!

Play Safe with Your Pool Games

Summer is just around the corner. We know that you and your family will spend a good amount of time at the pool. At Manning Pool Service, we want you to have a fun time in your pool. Enjoy the summer and have fun in the water!

Fun Games to Play in Your Pool This Summer | Manning Pool Service, Houston TX