Variable Speed Pool Pump

Want to know why IntelliFlo pool pumps outsell all other variable speed pumps combined?

When Pentair first introduced IntelliFlo variable speed technology, it set off a marketplace revolution with its energy efficiency, near-silent operation and long service life.

The IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump further refines the field-proven advancements that have led IntelliFlo pumps to outsell all other variable speed brands combined. Check out these advantages and you’ll quickly see why:

  • Estimated cost savings of up to $1500 each year
  • Energy savings up to 90% versus traditional pumps.
  • Dramatically quieter operation – as low as 45 decibels
  • 8 programmable speedsettings and built-in timer assure optimum speed and run tims for maximum efficiency and savings.

money saving pool pump

How Much Energy can One IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump Save?

Typical single-speed pumps can consume as much energy as all your othe home appliances combined. Why not replace that energy hog with an IntelliFlo pump? It use 90% less energy than the typical single-speed pump – savings that translate directly into money in your pocket.

Most pool pumps, even so called “energy efficient” models, still use the tradional technology of an induction-style motor. The IntelliFlo pump uses an advanced permanent magnet motor – the same technology found in today’s hybrid cards. Result: savings of up to 90%, even compared to “high effieciency” single-speed and tow-speed pumps. Traditional pumps operate at set, unchageable speeds. Those speeds are almost always higher than required. As a result, they overpower the jobs they’re assigned to do, which wastes energy.


The IntelliFlo pump allows custom programming of optimum pump speeds for specific tasks such as filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets and waterfalls. For virtually all applicatios, the optimimum speed is lower than the preset, unchangeable speeds of older pumps.

When water moves more slowly for longer periods, it helps reduce the occurrence of algae that forms more easily when water is pumped briskly and then allowed to rest for long intervals. Your filter works more effectively because it has more time to sift particles from the water, and because particles aren’t forced through the filter media under needlessly high pressure. Automatic chemical dispensers and clorinators also work better when water is moving.

ENERGY STAR – Certified IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pumps from Pentair meet strct energy efficiency criteria set by teh U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy. These pumps save money, reduce energy use and protect the environment.