Summer has long been associated with carefree energy, relaxing vacations, and lazy afternoons lounging by the pool. Things may be different this summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your hope for enjoying the season. A backyard pool is an excellent way for your kids to enjoy the outdoors safely during COVID lockdowns. Our pool equipment repair professionals recommend these important maintenance tasks to ensure everything is working properly. They will also keep the pool and surrounding areas clean, which will help keep everyone safe and healthy as they enjoy the comfort and convenience of your backyard pool.

1. Clean Debris From in and Around the Pool

No matter how careful you are about keeping up with landscaping and dirt in the yard, some debris will inevitably make its way into the pool. That dirt is more than an eyesore, as it can also be a health risk, too. Use a skimmer net to clear debris from the surface before it settles to the bottom. If it has already settled, be sure to clean it out quickly. Otherwise, algae and bacteria can multiply rapidly and make a mess of your otherwise beautiful pool. Be sure to check the skimmer basket and keep that clear, too. A clogged skimmer will reduce the effectiveness of your entire pool filtration system and make it harder to keep clean. It can also put extra strain on equipment, causing it to break down faster.Check and Clean Filters

2. Check and Clean Filters

Those filters are vital to keeping a pool safe and clean, so you’ll want to check them and perform any recommended pool maintenance Houston. Monitor the pressure carefully to ensure it is operating within the desired range. Check the screening of your filter and clean any dirt and debris that have settled there. A lot of grease and oil can get caught in the filter, too, but you won’t be able to see that as easily. Our pool equipment repair technicians soak dirty equipment in a special degreasing solution to remove oils and keep your water clean.

3. Scrub the Pool Walls and Bottom

If the sides or bottom of the pool feel at all slick or slimy, there is a definite algae problem. If the growth is minimal, use a special scrubber to dislodge it gently. If it extends throughout a large portion of the pool, you may want to drain the water for a thorough cleaning. This is best left to professional pool cleaning services who know how to handle larger projects.

4. Test and Adjust Chlorine Levels 

The chemicals you put in your pool keep it clean by killing pathogens in the water and preventing new ones from taking hold. Too little chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and algae can flourish and thrive in your water. It may even take on a green or brownish tinge. Too much chlorine in a pool can be equally dangerous, leading to skin and eye irritation. For young children or individuals with sensitive skin, it may even cause burns. That is why it is so important to check chemical levels regularly and keep them in the suggested safe range.Test and Adjust Chlorine Levels

5. Schedule Warranty Work

If your pool equipment underperforming? If so, it’s best to address the issue right away, before it breaks down completely. The costs of pool equipment repair can be offset if any of your equipment is still under warranty. Qualified and trained professionals should perform all work so you don’t risk voiding the coverage.

6. Scrub Deck Surfaces

The surfaces of your pool deck take a lot of abuse with people walking and running on them all da, as well as lounging pets. Even wildlife might stop to enjoy the area and check out the pool. Each one of those is an avenue for dirt, sand, and potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses to get into your pool water.

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