Swimming promotes long life!

Did you know that as we use our muscles and organ systems, our body creates heat? That’s a basic component of the body’s metabolic rate. Our basal resting temp is 98.2 degrees. And in Houston, Texas, heat is a huge factor in the effectiveness of our movement and exercise. Heat is a huge stress on the body. Well, here comes summertime….

So which exercises are the best for our bodies, which exercises promote long life! Less stress on our organs due to heat supports longevity. An analogy would be an automobile which is run at moderate speeds and maintained regularly.  The owner will get many more years of use.

SWIMMING is at the top of the list of great exercise. It is a moderate, rhythmic movement, performed in water, which cools our system as we go along.

The water’s buoyancy also minimizes the stress on joints, muscles and organs.

Let’s recap:

*Raises heart rate, basal metabolism is increased

*Limited stress on joints and muscles

*Water cools off the body during exercise, less stress from heat

The perfect exercise…SWIMMING.

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Dr. Joseph Reilly,


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Keep on swimming!