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The typical duties and responsibilities of swimming pool technicians include: Restoring the correct water levels and balance for pools and spas. Maintaining and repairing pool and spa equipment, including filters, pumps, chlorinators, and heaters. … Maintaining records of swimming pool supplies, such as cleaning chemicals.

Ask Greg: Most Common Houston Pool Repairs

Houston pool repair

Houston pool repair can make or break your pool – literally. Don’t settle for a contractor that won’t give you the exceptional service you deserve. When it comes to Houston pool repair, it’s important to have someone who truly understands the reasons for repair and how to fix it – and keep it from breaking again. Read on to learn the most common pool repairs and then get your quote! Get a Houston Pool Repair Quote The Top 3 Most Read More

Save money on pool expenses

How can I save money on my pool expenses??? Hello pool owners! Welcome to our blog. One of the renovation questions we are most frequently asked is, “How can I save energy; I’ve got an old pump. Are there more efficient pumps available”.  One manufacturer of pumps, Pentair Water, engineered the “Intelliflo” series to answer exactly that issue. To quote Pentair,  “ Variable drive technology controlled by an on-board computer…achieve (s) lower flow rates for energy savings”. So what does Read More