As of Thursday, August 11th, the City of Houston and several other cities in Southeast Texas are currently under Level 2 Water Use Restrictions. Not only does that mean that pool owners will be unable to add more water to their swimming pool, but your pool equipment will likely be taxed by the current drought.

So, what are some solutions for maintaining your pool during this drought?

First of all, shut down all pumps if the water level falls below the skimmers or returns. Running pumps with water levels below the returns will overheat and ruin your pool equipment. If your pool has the ability to run off of the main drain only, turn the skimmer valves off. This allows the pool to circulate the water by pulling water off the bottom only (not all pools will have this capability).

Secondly, to combat evaporation, consider using a liquid pool cover, like COVERfree by Natural Chemistry. COVERfree reduces evaporation up to 85%, or approximately 60 gallons per day in the average 15,000 gallon swimming pool. COVERfree produces a thin monolayer made of natural ingredients—it’s entirely safe to swim in and pH neutral. One application will last through the week, and after swimming, the layer will reform for protection.

If possible, also consider a physical pool cover. While more expensive than liquid pool covers and limited by the shape and materials of a pool, a pool cover can provide shade, lower the amount of debris which falls into the pool, and create a ‘cabana’ style design for your pool.

And, with increased water use during the summer and the receding of soil, there is a chance that older pipes may crack or leak from the strain. Manning Pool Service is offering a Water Evaluation Service, where we will: examine all the equipment for cracks or leaking; check the pH and water chemistry, leaving recommendations if necessary; evaluate the valves and plumbing; and label your valves for their specific function. Additionally, we can deliver and add the appropriate amount of COVERfree to your pool for evaporation.

If you have any questions about how to maintain your pool during the record-breaking drought, we’d love to answer it for you. You can contact us through Facebook, e-mail, or our site.