If something is keeping you from taking that summer vacation, don’t fret – the right pool supplies can bring your vacation to you! Create your oasis while saving money with the perfect “staycation.” If you’re wondering what a “staycation” is, it is a portmanteau (two words blended together to make one word) that combines the words “stay” and “vacation.” Merriam-Webster defines a staycation as a vacation spent at home or nearby. While the idea of flying off to some distant place may be appealing, more and more people are choosing staycations over vacations. In fact, staycations are rising in popularity every day for a ton of reasons. So how do you make your home feel less like home or more like a vacation spot? Manning Pool Service has some tips on how to make it happen.

Make Your Pool Your Staycation Paradise

Update the Look of Your Pool With Additions or Remodeling

Creating your summer paradise at home starts with the look of your pool. Swimming pool resurfacing and renovations can make an old pool look brand new! When you walk into your backyard and look at your pool, you should like what you see. If you don’t, Manning Pool Service can help by remodeling or renovating your pool. Swimming pool renovations don’t just include plaster, though – there’s much more!

Manning Pool Service can create gorgeous additions to your swimming pool, such as:

  • Waterfalls, Water Jets, and Fountains – The water features in your pool can have a big impact on the overall appearance. Adding in a waterfall or something similar can create a beautiful focal point for your pool.
  • Swim-Up Bars
  • Grottos
  • Water Jets – A long-time favorite, water jets
  • Beach Entry
  • Fire Boxes
  • Steps
  • And so much more!

Foster a Relaxing Atmosphere With Decorations and Lighting

Your backyard is more than just your pool – so don’t forget about the other parts of it! Other ways to foster a staycation atmosphere include:

pool supplies

Mood Lighting – One great way to create a relaxing atmosphere is to add lighting. The right mood lighting – whether it be torches, color-changing lamps, or anything else – can make your backyard the perfect staycation spot.

Mosquito-Repelling Pool Supplies – Getting attacked by mosquitoes can ruin an otherwise peaceful night in your backyard. Setting up some mosquito-repellent torches or citronella candles, hanging curtains, landscape maintenance, and making sure there is no standing water outside your pool are simple ways to keep the pests at bay.

Safety First – Owning the proper safety supplies for your pool can save you from worry. Adding a fence, steps, pet ramp, drain covers, alarm, or a number of other safety devices will enable you to enjoy your pool worry-free.

Decorations – Looking to create a jungle-like feel? Add lots of foliage, like trees and ferns. Prefer a nautical vibe? Hang an anchor up on the wall and add some seashells to feel like you’re at the beach. The sky’s the limit – decorate to your heart’s content!

Comfort – Add lounge chairs, or chairs and a table to add comfort to your backyard. Maybe having a cooler outside would also enhance your comfort. Being able to reach for a nice cold drink would really help you beat the heat and relax. Don’t forget about storage! Keeping towels, sunscreen, and other supplies in an easy-to-find place makes it convenient and easy to enjoy your pool.

Grab Some Fun Floats and Games

A swimming pool shouldn’t be boring! Once you’ve checked off all the other boxes, make sure to pick up some pool supplies that will make your staycation fun. Adding a diving board or slide can be a great way to improve the fun factor. If you’re looking to invite friends over, adding a volleyball net or some pool games can be exciting. If your me-time is more important, getting a comfortable float or pool lounge is a great choice. There are numerous colors and styles available – choose the one that best suits your personality! There are even inflatables made to look like animals – perfect for the kids. 

The Final Touch: Pool Automation

Pool automation is the next step in turning your swimming pool into a staycation spot. Automating your pool adds convenience and comfort. How? Well, it simply makes maintaining your pool much easier. With EasyTouch and IntelliTouch Automation, you no longer have to get out of the pool and dry off to modify anything. With just the touch of a pool-side button, you can balance your pool’s chemicals, control pumps, turn on the bubbles in your spa, adjust lighting, modify any water features, or regulate temperatures. Prepare your pool for your arrival home after work, shopping, or whatever you’re doing using the ScreenLogic® Interface Kit. This upgrade allows you to control your pool and spa through your computer or mobile device (Apple®, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android™ device). Use this app to make sure your pool will be absolutely refreshing and ready to go when you get home!

 Create Your Staycation with Manning Pool Service

Summer is in full swing, so there’s no time to lose! Get started on building your backyard paradise so you can take your staycation as soon as possible. Contact Manning Pool Service today!

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