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Utility relocation means the adjustment of a utility facility required by the program or project undertaken by the displacing agency. It includes removing and reinstalling the facility, including necessary temporary facilities; acquiring necessary right-of-way on new location; moving, rearranging or changing the type of existing facilities; and taking any necessary safety and protective measures.

4 Easy Steps to Turn Your Pool Into a Staycation Spot

Pool Supplies

If something is keeping you from taking that summer vacation, don’t fret – the right pool supplies can bring your vacation to you! Create your oasis while saving money with the perfect “staycation.” If you’re wondering what a “staycation” is, it is a portmanteau (two words blended together to make one word) that combines the words “stay” and “vacation.” Merriam-Webster defines a staycation as a vacation spent at home or nearby. While the idea of flying off to some distant Read More

Utility Relocation

After dealing with delays caused by the drought, our pool is once again under construction. We have worked so hard to get all the necessary plans, and permits in place. We understand what our customers go through once they have committed to putting in a pool. And we are using this experience to make Manning Pool Service a better partner with our clients. Last week we had a crew come out and reroute a gas line that needed to be Read More