After dealing with delays caused by the drought, our pool is once again under construction. We have worked so hard to get all the necessary plans, and permits in place. We understand what our customers go through once they have committed to putting in a pool. And we are using this experience to make Manning Pool Service a better partner with our clients.

Last week we had a crew come out and reroute a gas line that needed to be moved before the “big dig,” could begin. The crew was very professional and worked to carefully to minimize the mess and disturbance to our neighbors. I would come by the house ever few hours to let the dogs out and check on their progress. Once the work was complete the crew did their best to clean up the disturbed areas. Of course there were some muddy spots created by the digging that couldn’t be avoided. They were great fun for the dogs who needed a bath before they could come back into the house.

The crew took special care in working around the oak tree that we have so carefully watered throughout the drought. We let all the grass die in the backyard knowing that it would be gone anyway once the pool was put in, but we have really worked hard to save this tree.

The next step is the big dig. The dogs should be thrilled when that gets going! This process has been time consuming and we’ve had to remain flexible with our planning. All the parties involved have worked together with the special understanding that the drought would affect the timetable.

We continue to pray for more rain, just not on excavation day! This is such an exciting process, but it is also time-consuming. David and I have a renewed appreciation for our customers and what they go through when putting in a pool. We are going to take this experience and use it to develop a communication plan with our customers to proactively inform them of what is happening with their pool construction. This plan will help reduce the stress associated with pool construction.
Do you have questions or comments about your experience in putting in a pool? Please share them with us!